Kylie Jenner is Now a Beautiful Black Woman

Some clown, presumably white, wrote in to the New York Daily News’ “Voice of the People” section that Colin Kaepernick was “not a Black man.”

This, of course, he viewed as his determination to make.

He then went on to describe Kaep’s complexion as the reasoning for this opinion and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all the slaves of Kaep’s complexion that could have used a man like this guy to free them from their bondage and how the man himself would more than likely be totally welcoming of Kaep coming to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Of course, I’m well used to this type of shit by now, I know why it’s done, for the same reason that people with one white parent are encouraged to identify as “biracial” now when historically they were thrust in with the rest of the niggers no matter what they wanted to be or saw themselves as but also, there’s an element to it that doesn’t get addressed that much which I’ll deal with here:

See, muhfuccas are so weird that they have a tendency to try to make you be whatever it is you’re claiming your not.

Kaepernick, as well as former President Barack Obama, have both gone on record as saying that they’re Black men.

So it doesn’t surprise me at all when angry white try to strip them of their Blackness.

What surprises, shocks and offends me is when niggas do it.

Like we don’t need the numbers.

Shit, I’d put a jersey on Dolezal if she promised to work as a spy and got good with machine guns.

Also ironic is how when people with hints of Blackness that deny it; say, lips, complexion, hair or noses, it gets thrust on them by niggas that don’t wanna let them escape it.

This paints a very grim portrait of how we see ourselves; only empowered to deny our element to those that claim it and force it onto those that want nothing to do with it.

Of course, there’s also the instances of people; say certain Spanish speaking people from the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico that deny that they’re “Black”.

I give them a pass because they’re right; they’re not “Black”.

“Black” is more or less a cultural description for Americans of African descent.

Now if them niggas tried to claim to not even be of African descent, I’d give them Jay-Z story of OJ line.

Not being Miles Davis’ complexion myself despite being the obvious product of two Black parents, I’d historically been flummoxed by niggas that tried to claim that I “had something in me” until I started responding to those absurdities with, “I’m not Black at all; I’m white” only to watch them same niggas start telling me how much I resembled Bill Duke.

And really, in this era of self-determination when Bruce Jenner can not only claim to now be a woman but can also demand to be respected as one, something as imaginary as “race” should certainly be fluid and if you wanna be Black, you’re Black, if you want out, you’re out.

The only thing that should upset people is the arrogance of certain white men, like that idiot in the New York Daily News, who still think it’s not only his role, but his right to project his own determinations onto other people based solely on his opinion of the way said people look.

Well, shit, two can play at that game.

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