Are Only Black Men Allowed to Love Fat White Women?


I wanna say I’m surprised at the backlash that this white dude received because he paid tribute to this bloated spouse in a special love sonnet that only maybe Instagram could accommodate.

I wanna say it, but no, I wasn’t surprised at all.

See, because you would think just from having viewed something similar with a Black dude and his elephantine white love and remembering that we all rushed to pat him on his back as he came to her online defense against a (white female) fat-shaming bully, that taking up the mantle to champion pulchritude would land automatic kudos for any and all males.

But, no, no, no that’s not how this works!

See, unlike the Black dude, who fits comfortably into the Chris Rock stereotype of niggas loving exclusively fat white chicks and being granted the liberal white woman’s mutual pass of thinking that neither a fat white chick nor a Negro could do any better than each other, the more or less fit, relatively attractive white man that doubles as a chubby chaser is an open affront to everything modern white women want to believe.

See, with Black dudes, it’s not so much that we’re allowed to love fat white women as much as we’re expected to.

If you’re broke yet good-looking and want white, fat is about your only option.

If you get a few dollars, you can move up along the scale.

A few more dollars, a little more movement.

Look at RGIII.


That nigga perfected this perspective.

And unsurprisingly, it is white women loony, schizophrenic and madcap as ever, that cracked down on the good white husband the hardest, their efforts apparently now being maligned, their standards of beauty being chucked, their dieting and frenetic exercise called into question.

Because what is the point of all that work, all that effort, all that dieting and dyeing and surgery if, in the end, even the “good” ones will want a fat bitch?

And they could have known from just reading me, I’ve said it at least 4 times now, most recently in my “Constanza Porn” piece that all men want fat bitches, it’s just that women, like they say in Moneyball, have been turned into status symbols and as such, you would even go against your own tastes just to have one that you think another man might want.

But, quite frankly, everybody treats everybody like a status symbol.

Women want a man that is rich, fuck his looks.

Men want a woman that other men will find “beautiful”, fuck her intelligence, grace, poise, wit, charm, goals, dreams, aspirations and everything else.

And here comes a guy brave enough not only to want what he wants but choose what he wants and he’s bashed?

Again, unsurprising when you consider that it’s white women, the craziest fucks alive, the group that, since the beginning of the concept of “White Supremacy”, have always been the power behind the throne, could make the Achaeans fight the Trojans, could get a nigga lynched and beaten with accusations, and that claim that their number one goal is to dismantle the patriarchy despite the fact that 53% of them voted for Trump, and now they’re mad that what they consider beautiful isn’t necessarily what men consider beautiful and having it finally confirmed that fat bitches, like Black chicks and the other types they teased and pitied, were actually the more desirable?

So much for “feminism”.

As if it needed even this reminder of it’s current state of ridiculousness.


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