Cutler Will Suck, But at Least He’s a Patriot


It’s amazing how ungrateful the Negro is considering all that’s been done for him.

Rescued from the wilds of Africa and brought to America where he was cleaned up, comparatively civilized, taught trades and given a God.

Then, because some bleeding-heart whites overly lamented his chosen condition of servitude, a war was fought costing over 600k lives and not a peep was utter on his behalf of “thanks”.

And make no mistake, his servitude was by choice.

There were Negroes (lots of them too) that either ran away immediately and constantly or that absolutely refused to be enslaved, took the “just kill me now, muhfucca” perspective and were obliged.

So when you consider that everything about the Negro in America, starting with his enslavement and continuing on into present day, is all of his own choosing and devices, then you hafta start wondering exactly why the fuck he’s always complaining?

Take the whole Colin Kaepernick situation.

Now, this nigga Kaepernick done stuck his neck out and went to bat on behalf of a group that he (rightfully) considers “his” people, kneeling all season last year to protest police brutality, and it cost him his gig, he’s now unemployed, he won’t be employed and we’re watching team after team in need of quarterbacks – Kaepernick’s position – choose quarterback after quarterback, all of them inferior in craft to dear old Colin.

Most recently, we saw superlative scrub Jay Cutler, a man who never saw a defensive back he didn’t aim his passes directly at, get signed by the Miami Dolphins after their starter, Ryan Tannehill, went down for the season.

The reason given was that Cutler once played in Chicago under Adam Gase who’s now the Dolphins’ head coach.

But if Cutler had sucked while playing under Gase – and Cutler’s sucked while playing under everybody – how is this defensible logic?

So again, Negroes are complaining.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Negroes to boycott the NFL.

I mean, yeah, sure, a few of us are – how the fuck can you support a league that takes the indirect path towards telling you that it supports police brutality by blacklisting someone who took a stance against it? – but the masses and worst yet, the players are all (wisely?) choosing the house over the fields.

Can’t say I blame em.

Shit, it gets hot in them fields.

Negroes act like there’s so much shame in being a House Nigger but, if given a choice, who would choose to work the land?

On another note, if you were to suffer through a bad plumber or maybe a bad barber, the very next plumber or barber you saw would so vehemently condemn the last bum’s work that you’d feel like the fool for ever having patronized the former.

Meanwhile, being a cop is the only line of work where the alleged “good” ones still cape for their less honorable.

The “Blue Wall of Silence“, they call this.

Could you imagine if instead of leaping to impress white people with their rapidity in denouncing, say, a Bill Cosby or R. Kelly, Negroes erected a Black Wall of Silence?

Which brings me back to my point about “choice”.

Again, Negroes not only choose to complain, but actually like to.

If they didn’t, this whole Colin Kaepernick situation would have been resolved already.

We’d either see Colin Kaepernick in uniform or an all-white NFL; fans and players.

And there’d be no room for “complaints” between those two extremes.

This, however, would require Muhammad Ali-caliber sacrifice.

And trust me, it’s way easier to complain.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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