White Supremacist Should be Holding Orgies Not Rallies

How dumb do you hafta be to call yourself a “White Supremacist” and then be mad.

You don’t see that shit with members of Mensa.

They’re happy as clams.

But, like I’ve written so many times that it reads like I’ve written it so many times, if a people truly were superior, they wouldn’t hate or fear their inferiors, they’d pity them.

They’d probably even coddle them like they do dogs and cats and they’d protect their lives and well being with as much enthusiasm.

Instead of PETA, there’d be PETN (figure it out).

But since there is hatred, since there is fear, that let’s you know that these people aren’t condescending down upon us with regal disdain, but lamenting that, like youth is wasted on the young, that beauty and talent are wasted on the Darkies.

And it’s all their fault that things have come to this pass.

I can’t believe the Founding Fathers could have missed this.

Or maybe they didn’t.

The smartest among them, Alexander Hamilton, was the only non-slave owner, openly opposed the institution and even refused to press the British for the return of escaped slaves that had defected during the American Revolution.

Surely he must have seen not only the eventual losing proposition of making anyone of mixed blood fully-blooded non-white, but also that once you equated whiteness with richness and equated richness with virtue, there’d eventually come a time when too many kids were seen as a drain on personal finances therefore a drain on virtue and the only ones still having a bunch of babies would be the “evil” non-whites.

And they should blame their women too!

It’s not like we’re behind white feminism.

It’s not like we told white bitches to stop making babies, strive for “equality” when you’re already a woman and nothing is higher than that, and lose all sexual interest in white men.

And the comedy is that Black men are allegedly terrified of our women, but nobody kowtows to their women like white men.

Shit, white women can do no wrong as far as white men are concerned.

Even a white woman’s accusations can get you killed if you’re Emmett Till or suspended from the NFL if you’re Ezekiel Elliott.

Then, when a white woman commits what’s supposed to be the greatest of all conceivable sins, taking up with some Jigaboo, who do white men become infuriated with and murder?

Black people!

Look at Dylann Roof and James Jackson.

So no, it doesn’t surprise me that those calling themselves “White Supremacists” took the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia last night to protest or rally or whatever the fuck it was that they considered themselves doing in support of their own pale asses, I guess.

The only thing I think I miscalculated on in accurately pronouncing the end of White Supremacy, was imaging that supporters of that inane bullshit would go quietly.

I forgot not only that even cornered rats fight, but that in most cases, when wars end, minor skirmishes continue for a while, sometimes years.

And some people are even emboldened by fighting for known lost causes, look at The South.

So maybe I dismissed these people too quickly without considering how dangerous they might potentially be on their way out.

On the other hand, the mere fact that they’re rallying and not fucking proves that they still don’t get it.

That #WhiteGenocide shit they love to cry about is only in play because, for the most part, white people have altogether stopped making babies.

I’ll bet that protest ain’t even have an after party either.




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