Don’t Worry White Nationalists, We’ll Be Back Friends When the War Starts

It’s amazing (not intelligent, but that too is unsurprising) that these dipshits picked now, on the eve of what is certainly about to be a war between the United States and North Korea, to start acting up.

You’d think they were fighting for their country or something.

Oh wait, I’m sorry; that’s right, they are.

Just not in any way that makes sense.

They’re fighting for the right to continue as the preeminent beings in their country.

As for taking on America’s international foes, us niggers can handle that.

And we do.

Making up 30% of the Army, which is a full 16.7% more than our percentage in America overall, it seems like the only people that do fight for America are niggas.

Shit, kept 100% real, the first muhfucca to die for America was a nigga and we’ve been in every single war since; sometimes against vehement protest which, amazingly enough, were never our own.

Believe it or not, we actually fought to get into the army sometimes, imagining, misguidedly enough, that if we could somehow prove our patriotism, we’d be more accepted by our fellow white Americans here on the home front.

Ask the niggas that came home from war and got lynched in their uniforms how that shit worked out.

But it’s this kind of schizophrenia that’s expected of Black America.

We’re supposed to love America way more than it loves us, sacrifice for it, bleed for it, die for it, then ignore any instances of obscene injustice like police shootings, dealing with maybe a little “survivor guilt” but still glad that it wasn’t us; this time.

And we’re supposed to enjoy the privilege.

This is why Colin Kaepernick’s protest is so offensive.

Doesn’t he know how lucky he is?

Doesn’t he realize how he’s been allowed (not like his talent could have had anything to do with it) to make more money than the average Spook, to live better than any jungle-bunny anywhere on this planet and yet he still shows such ingratitude?

And yes, a Black man taking a knee while the National Anthem’s being played is worse than one being shot by a cop.

Also yes, if Kaep were taking that same knee to protest, say, Obamacare, he’d be considered a real patriot.

But I’m… in space now and writing nothing that has anything to do with my point.

Which is?

Well, all those “heroes” of White Nationalism, especially the violent and psychotic ones, especially the ones buoyed only by their numbers enough to light up the night with tiki torches, can be expected to go radio silent when Trump does what he has to and either provokes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un into attacking US territory Guam or, like 9/11 (hint, hint), Trump attacks Guam himself.

Trump’s a Republican President and we absolutely have to have a war under the dude.

Going back to Eisenhower – who started Vietnam – name a Republican President who hasn’t started a war.

(And if you say “Reagan”, Reagan sold arms, thereby satisfying one of the chief principles behind modern American warfare; the land-grab combined with making money for arms dealers; the other being, of course, the land-grab combined with cleaning out old inventory).

So yeah, we’ll be back to being cannon fodder, Black folks, therefore, of good use.

We may even get a pat on the head from those same marching White Nationalists as we’re shipped off to die.

Then again, we might not.

But we should be ok with that.


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