If Zeke Had Any Self Respect, He’d Quit

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott during an NFL training camp, Tuesday, August 1, 2017 in Oxnard, California. (James D Smith via AP)

Now that the charges against him have proven so preposterous that even the newspapers are subtly whispering “bullshit”, Ezekiel Elliott needs to gather up a little of what Donny Hathaway called his “self-respect… manly pride” and tell the NFL to go fuck itself.

He won’t die.

He’ll just be out of a job.

And thanks to our illustrious new President, there’s plenty of those!

Or so I’ve heard.

But seriously, it would be a damn shame if a big strong football player like Zeke would, in the end, be shown up by what was at the time a 16 year-old kid in Kalief Browder who, instead of copping a plea for stealing a backpack – a crime he didn’t commit – spent three years on Rikers Island without a trial.

Ultimately, of course, the strain of having endured such a sadistic ordeal at the hands of the state (and the nation) overwhelmed Mr. Browder and just three years after being released, he committed suicide, but the point is that he was strong enough to refuse to accept either the blame or responsibility for something he didn’t do.

And accepting both blame and responsibility for something he didn’t do will be exactly what Zeke is doing if he lines up to play football after serving a 6-game suspension for beating up former girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.

Every single stitch of evidence points to one thing: the bitch is lying.

She’s being vindictive and cruel in ways that only a scorned woman can and totally enjoying the benefit of one additional cachet; race.

She straight up told this nigga that nobody would take his Black word over her white one and then went out and proved it.

Zeke’s lucky it’s 2017 and 6 NFL games is all he’s losing and not his life.

Think Emmett Till wouldn’t have rather lost time away from a sport?

Still, like I wrote before about Colin Kaepernick being punished for what he protested and not how – remember I used the example of how he’d be an Alt-Right favorite if he’d been kneeling to damn Obamacare? – Zeke’s being given the stiff-arm for having ever dated that white girl not because anybody seriously believes that he ever hit her.

The cops sure don’t.

Zeke was never even arrested or charged with domestic violence.

The real downer may be that Black self-worth is so tragically low that those that make even a modicum more than the average Spook would suffer anything, even the kind of blatant disrespect that only the NFL dishes out, if only to avoid being returned to the ranks of the working-class.

And that’s sad.

A 70% Black NFL constitutes, if nothing else, an overwhelming majority.

Meanwhile, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell treats Negroes as if he’s potty training puppies.

And Zeke’s gotta know that plea deals, like apologies, are crypto-admissions of guilt.

Still, he tweeted out this bullshit.

How cool would it have been to have watched him bubble to the point of boiling over with righteous indignation before telling the league where it could kiss him?

The only thing even possibly cooler would have been watching all the other Black NFL players rush to reassuringly kiss their own team’s owners in the area that Zeke had indicated on himself.

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