Trump, Kim K & Why Jesus Just Keeps Getting Whiter

You know, I’ll bet that as far as his biblical description was concerned, before slavery ended and niggas could more or less universally read, Jesus was a regular Soul Brother.

He probably even sayeth, unto those that accuseth him of blasphemy, “Youse a lyin’ muhfucca!

I mean, since even during the course of my lifetime, I remember in the bible how he was described in Revelations 1:14 as having “hair as wool” (remember that “Good Times” episode?)

to now where you can’t find a single bible or online reference where Dude ain’t described as having hair “white” like wool.

Subtle difference you think?

Nah, not at all.

The first is describing texture.

The second is making the Nigga a blonde.

They still let him keep his brass-colored feet tho (for now).

Eventually, them shits are gonna be as “ivory tusks” I’ll betcha.

People are giving Kim Kardashian a hard time for backing a racist, thinking that just because she married some Spook that she’s necessarily in love with all Black people.

Jesus Christ!

Don’t y’all read me?

Don’t you know that that’s not how this works at all?

Haven’t I said a million times that people in interracial relationships are likely to hate everybody of their own sex from the opposite race and only like or be attracted to the opposite gender from that race?

If y’all think Kim K likes Black women, y’all got another thing coming.

The mere fact that she’s ostensibly set herself up as some kind of rival to Beyonce despite having never done anything artistically viable aside from getting fucked in the mouth by a B-tier R&B singer proves that she could regard a more or less “common” Black woman with nothing short of disdain and contempt.

So I didn’t raise an eyebrow when she went on the offensive to defend stylist Jeffree Star, a man(?) that has a history of almost comically vehement racism.

You’re crazy if you think those aren’t secretly Kim K’s thought’s too.

Lastly, even though the Trump administration has been, so far, funnier and more fun than even I anticipated – I watched his press conference yesterday with my Aunt and Godbrother and when we weren’t laughing, our mouths were hanging wide open – the dangerous part of the whole thing soon come.

Understand, Trump’s gotta let White Nationalist rock for what is believed to be Barack Obama’s inaction during the Black Lives Matter insurgence.

And even though Black Lives Matter is only 4 years old and in traditional political platforms, all candidates and positions are given equal time, expect the full 8 years – that’s right, he’s gonna get re-elected – of Trump’s administration to be packed with tension from these goons.

Make no mistake; they are not to be fucked with.

They will rampage, rape, murder and kill and if you’re Black and you hear that they’re coming to “protest” in your neck of the woods, the best thing you can do is arm yourself and sit on the floor with your back against the wall facing the door.

Black people are the collateral damage of this exchange and Thank De Lawd that there’s still some white people that love themselves, love America or simply refuse to abide by wrong that are willing to take to the front lines to battle these mutts.

If you’re Black and you’re out there, you’ll either be a main target like that dude that is pictured being run down by James Alex Fields dude

or you’ll be the first to be hauled off to jail like Takiya Thompson.

And neither of those options is good.







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