Are We STILL Supposed to Believe it’s “Islamic Terrorism”?


How dope was it for the US to take the lead?

How dope was it for America to step up and realize that not only should we go first, but since we had the biggest buildings and therefore could put on the most dazzling and spectacular display, that we should use those buildings for the show and then everything else could be subsequently on a smaller scale, the larger point having already been morbidly proven?

And everything since has been considerably smaller.

Truck attacks, like the one yesterday in Barcelona that killed 13 people and injured 100 are now the most preferred method.

And they still gets labeled “terrorism”, still kills and scares the shit outta people, but they cost a lot less to produce and the agents are given at least the cachet of a chance to escape.

And props to y’all who knew from the door that this whole “Islamic Terrorism” shit was bogus.

Props to y’all who back on September 11, 2001 saw the Towers fall, heard the excuse behind it and were like “Wayment”.

“They hate our freedoms?”

Riiiiiiiiiight“, y’all said.

Then you started putting two and two together and maybe as far back as September 12, 2001, you had it all figured out.

I’m not writing to you, tho.

Y’all have been dead since September 13th, 2001.

Killed by the government and whatnot.

I’m writing to anybody else who anytime before now simply stopped believing in “Islamic Terrorism” because it simply didn’t make sense.

What would be the goal of Islamic terrorism?

More importantly, how would it be executed?

How, when even listening devices that the average consumer can buy can pick up conversations with pinpoint accuracy at over 300 yards?

How, when there are Range-R’s, Stingrays, Body Cameras, Facial Recognition Software, License Plate Readers, Drones, Cell Phone Tower Dumps, and Shotspotters that are all available on a local law-enforcement level?

How, when we’ve been at war in the Middle East since 2002 and have almost certainly canvassed just about every inch of territory either by foot or using technology and now know everything about everything that lives, breathes, writes longhand, emails, texts, sends smoke signals or talks on landlines or smart phones?

So how when realistically, Western technology has made it so that the only way a massive plot could be coordinated would be for it to be whispered in person from ear to ear, and then our surveillance would still likely pick up on the existence of unusual gatherings?

And, again, why?

I mean really why?

You’re bombing places into which you hope to immigrate?

That’s like shitting on your dinner table.

And, like I’ve written before, since it’s haram for Muslims to kill Muslims, are these guys IDing everybody in the areas they bomb and truck over first?

ISIS is clearly a figment of the tooth fairy variety, so the question ultimately becomes, is this a simple follow-the-money play where we’ll see Western interests profit from wars with Arab Nations, or is the long term goal to gather support for a scheme to altogether end Islamic immigration to the West?

Arab nations are among the most oil-rich, so the first possibility makes some sense.

The Muslim birthrate is currently at 1.8% which is .7% higher than the worldwide birthrate and its been predicted that the Muslim population will grow twice as fast as the non-Muslim population over the course of the next 20 years, so the latter possibility makes some sense as well.

Some of y’all are probably even wondering, “Why not both?”

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