Tina Fey Done Lost Her Rabbit-Ass Mind

First of all, lemme just say that I love Tina Fey.

I mean, I love, Love, love, LOVE, LOVE, Tina Fey.

She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s cute, she’s got a booty for a white girl:

her work on SNL was genius, “30 Rock” was the best sitcom since “Seinfeld”, Mean Girls was brilliant, I even watched This is Where I Leave You just to see her (and Corey Stoll who was incredible as Hemingway in Midnight in Paris).

I even liked her book Bossypants, despite finding it a tad racist, but in America a tad of racism is not only forgiven, it’s expected.

Tina is, in short, the Susan Sontag of the multimedia set.

I’m also the first person to agree with the whites that think that Black people need to clean up our own neighborhoods and should stop complaining to whites about racism and everything else.

So when I saw that Tina was trending I just had to check it out.

My reaction was less than enthused.

After some simplistic platitudes about stealing this country from the Native Americans and Nazis being “always bad”, she suggests that in the future, the white resistance “don’t show up”.

Doesn’t she know that white non-Nationalist are the one defense the rest of us have before things take a turn for the nightmarish?

Make no mistake, marching is all the White Nationalists are doing for now, just like marching and dressing up was all the original Nazis did too, at first.

Eventually, they’re gonna get bored, just like eventually, you get bored with just kissing and reach for the bra.

And I’m hoping that Tina was saying this out of ignorance because the contrary is terrifying.

Understand, Black people cannot confront White Nationalists.

Whereas a white-on-white clash – with the gruesome and unforgivable exception of Heather Heyer – will end after some bumping, slugging, scratching and slashing with maybe an arrest but certainly some police intervention, Black-on-White Nationalists clashes have had a tendency to end only in death; and those deaths have had a tendency to be found “justifiable” whenever the dead party is Black, but in convictions whenever the dead party is white.

Look at John White.

Couldn’t even defend his own son in his own home without going to jail for it.

Meanwhile, if Trayvon Martin had wrestled away that gun or if Philando Castile, after being shot once, had somehow turned the tide, both would be in jail to this day.

Too many white people miss the simplicity of this point.

They’re the type that call on all Muslims to denounce “Islamic Terrorism” yet if they have a racist relative, their excuse for that relative is “She’s just old.”

And “relatives” is how they should think of those rampaging White Nationalists.

Like I wrote, you might be angry or even disappointed with them as they don those white sheets, but let you find out that some nigga found himself in a him-or-me situation with one and chose himself and you’ll find it impossible to forgive said nigga.

HBO greenlit an artistic atrocity like “Confederate” because of the myth of the docile Negro.

This myth not only ignores Haiti and the more than 10,000 American slave revolts involving 10 or slaves, but almost makes the idea of Black self-defense seem like something only Tarantino could imagine.

And that’s crazy at best, fatalistic at worst.

Tina, those White Nationalists are your people.

And just like moms hate to hear that their kids have been misbehaving, they hate worse to hear some random person took it upon himself to issue corporal punishment.

Tina: get your kids!

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