Why the Gay Alt-Right Shouldn’t Surprise You

At first, I was like… what?

I mean, I knew that the main reason that most dudes became White Nationalists was because they were gay and the cuck videos they’d watched had had an alarming affect on them.

They were both repulsed that the beautiful white women they would have otherwise considered angelic and been too bashful to approach on the street, were otherwise gobbling huge Black schlongs like hamster rats slurping at the metallic feeding device.

Then, of course, there was the spectacle of the thing.

I mean, imagine seeing that, especially if you hate niggers.


You’re not only confused by the fact that you’re turned on but you’re – initially, at least – confused about what’s turning you on.

You want to think it’s the girl, but there’s just something about that cock!

So yeah, it doesn’t take much to put two and two together and realize that no real, hetero, pussy-getting white boy would waste a Friday night rallied up with a bunch men chanting weird and incredibly enough “Jews will not replace us!”

You can even imagine the torment involved with not being able to be honest with yourself about what exactly are your true desires.

What I was not prepared for however, was dealing with the reality that there’s actually an LGBT White Nationalist movement.

And the reason that didn’t make any sense to me wasn’t because I was one of those who foolishly thought that once you were part of an allegedly disenfranchised group you were automatically sympathetic to all allegedly disenfranchised groups, but because I was short-sighted enough to imagine that the LGBT was comprised of men who at least had the intellectual honesty to openly campaign for Black cock!

Then I started reading this article in Slate about the emergence of the new LGBT White Nationalist movement and a light bulb went on.

Of course, I thought.

These boys are tryna take it back!

And by “back” in this instance, I don’t mean to fascist Germany with Hitler and all that shit or even the Elizabethan period like one of these cats, James J. O’Meara, has as the cover of his (I’m sure fantastic) book.


These boys wanna go back to Europe’s most glorified though perhaps misunderstood (by them) period in history!

They wanna take it back to Greco-Roman antiquity, where homosexuality was more or less the rule, boyfucking was fun, women were the utilitarian vessels through which more people came and the standard of beauty was a pre-adult male!

They wanna take it back because they mistakenly think that there was still widespread African slavery – though even a little research would reveal that that root of the word “slave” comes from the word “Slavic”, who were the more traditionally enslaved Central Europeans – and if they wanted that Black cock, they could have it freely without the Negro having the agency to tell them, “Hell no white boy, you’re not my type!”

They wanna take it back because due to their lack of knowledge about that era and that region, they really do believe that Africa was some “dark” continent, completely ignorant to how much of their philosophy, knowledge, style of government and even a few Roman Emperors arrived from said “dark” shores.

That’s what they want.

And good luck with that!


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