Antifa is Tryna Save Your White Ass


I really gotta question the “standardization” of IQ tests that give the average nigga a score of 85 and the average white a score of 100 if, in response to news that – as I’ve written – Muslim population growth is outpacing everyone and the core of the belief in White Genocide is low white birthrates, that the response of White Nationalist, racists and Nazis is to… protest?

What the fuck is that supposed to do?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, in the 60s, muhfuccas hooked up at protests, got some pussy, and made babies, but those protests involved shit that women were into.

They were protesting the Vietnam war and in favor of Civil Rights and all the shit that young people were looking for an excuse to get naked behind.

I look at these White Nationalists and they might have one chick per every 1000 dudes and those chicks are not the kind that even niggas – and you know we got horrible taste in white girls – would want.

So when I look at Antifa, the anti-fascist movement, what I’m really seeing is modern day white prophets.

They’re, like, one step behind Rachel Dolezal; they know that in the most realistic sense White Supremacy as a practice if not as a concept is over, but they’d still like to find a nice niche in which white people can exist in the greater tomorrow.

And they’re to be commended for that.

Survival should be everyone’s goal, not taking over or world domination or “supremacy”.

That’s obscene.

So what these young white prophets should be credited with is having enough foresight to be able to anticipate that there are aspects of White Genocide that really are real.

White people aren’t breeding in enough numbers to keep pace with non-whites.

And if there is a concept like “supremacy”, it’s not tied to any advanced level of thinking, acting or being, but purely a numbers game.

Why do you think that so many racists had such a fun time with the notion that everybody but whites was a part of a “minority“?

And as white numbers get proportionately lower and lower, every other group is gonna become like Vito Corleone at the table at the last meeting of all the Families, and they’re gonna “blame some of the…” white people for ills and atrocities committed throughout the centuries.

That’s why it’s not only wholesome and good, but actually smart for groups like Antifa to come around and try to rip up monuments and tear down statues and erase a past of racism and oppression.

Shit, you don’t want nobody to be able to remember all the fucked up shit your people done did.

And the thing is, most of these Antifa muhfuccas, after a day of violently desecrating past racists memorabilia, quietly sneak off and fuck each other like savages.

They’re the ones that are gonna be producing the next line of white people as the Nazis and Nationalists are out marching some place.

So the questions becomes: which of these groups really loves white people?


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