Baseball & When Shit Pops Off

It was great fun watching the Yankees and the Tigers fight yesterday if only because overall, violence, even the enjoyable kind, has been so vehemently denounced that we somehow allow ourselves to be surprised when it turns up in places it shouldn’t like, say, Charlottesville, Virginia.

But yesterday was good, old fashioned fun!

And first of all, you know that Miguel Cabrera had at least at some point in his life trained as a boxer because what was his first move after pushing Austine Romine?

The short left.

He actually jabbed.

Here he is with a real fight popping off and this muhfucca’s throwing set-up punches.


Then, of course, the rest of both teams got in there and it was so good.

It was nothing short of cathartic.

That’s what you have to love about baseball; old-school rules still apply.

Show me up or clown me because you hit a home run?

Next time up, me or one of the guys on the pitching staff is gonna put one right in your ribs!

Bean my guy, one of your guys is falling.

And of course, I might have just spit in my teammate’s food because I hate that fool so much, but if your ass from another team as much as looks at him the wrong way, me and the rest of the squad are on our way and we might be carrying bats!

Too much of American sport has allowed feminist and their sycophantic male counterparts to take every masculine impulse away from it that the things about the games we used to love as boys have all be neutralized and neutered to the point where the games themselves are almost hard to recognize.

Football fights were never fun to watch because they were pretty much dull being that all you could realistically expect from guys fully padded and helmeted was a bunch of facemask pulling.

As I’ve written, because of the racial component, basketball fights have almost been completely eliminated.

That leaves baseball as the last domain of real men.

And let’s hope that doesn’t change.

Let’s hope that in mistakenly thinking we’re teaching boys – who should be violent, who should, in fact, get all of the violence out of their system as boys – a better way to conduct themselves by eliminating baseball violence, we in fact begin to understand that baseball violence indeed does teach boys the exact way to conduct themselves.

I’m certainly one of the few Black dudes that will be honest enough to admit that DeAndre Harris, who caught a bad one in Charlottesville, shouldn’t press charges if the police ever should bring in the White Nationalists who’ve been identified as his assailants.

DeAndre had gone out there with his boys, wearing a mask to get into some shit and did and lost.

If there’s anything that’s fucked up, it’s that if him and his boys had caught a White Nationalist out there and given him the same treatment, they’d all be in jail right now.

But if there’s anybody for DeAndre to be mad at it’s his boys for letting him get caught alone like that.

You don’t press charges after losing a fight, tho.

That ain’t cool at all.

Similarly, I was happy that Yankees golden boy Aaron Judge was smart enough to jump right into the middle of things when the action started.

When it comes to shit like that, the best judgement isn’t reserved for those who try their best to play peacemaker, but for those that ride the hardest for the team.


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