Floyd Mayweather: OR When an Illiterate Man is the Smartest Muhfucca in the Universe

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

No, I didn’t see the fight, just the highlights, and I still can’t get over the fact that somebody who’s supposed to be so dumb was the maestro behind earning a 100M paycheck at the expense of a bunch of racists he knew for sure would be more than willing to pony up the cash he requested because whenever there’s a newly crowned Great White, Hope is sure to follow.

I mean damn, only 40 and to have arrived at such clarity concerning not only the human condition, but how race plays itself out on the psyche and how it motivates people to make mistakes so stupid that if you’re both paying attention and playing your cards right, you can make a fortune.

My workout OG who, as you know, is not only Black and married to a Black woman, but hates Black people with a passion, like we were something else, something alien maybe, when I told him I’d seen the highlights the moment after the fight, he’d smilingly said, “Floyd won, huh? I knew he would. That’s why he wasn’t talking. He knew he what he would do. He put all the promoting on the white boy. ‘You sell this fight’, he told him.”

And in retrospect, we all knew Conor McGregor had absolutely no chance to beat Floyd Mayweather, even though Floyd’s 40 now, even though he hadn’t fought in over two years by he time they fought, even though, as I’d written, McGregor was used to getting kicked in the head and Floyd was notoriously light-punching.

Floyd is smarter than me. He’s smarter than you. He’s smarter than all of us.

He’s probably the only one who it didn’t surprise that a country that has blacklisted Colin Kaepernick for being un-American would cheer for an Irishman over an American provided that the American were Negro.

And how did we all miss that; those of us that did miss it, I mean?

This country is so race-obsessed that it’s absolutely irrational, yet where the rest of us get mad and take to the streets enraged or sit behind computers and punch out blogs or make angry music, try to make films that will somehow approximate what we would consider to be a proper response, supposed-to-be idiots like Floyd Mayweather must have long ago thrown in the towel on trying to fix the problem and decided to simply profit off of it.


And he’s kinda made himself hate-proof in that not only is it to be clearly understood that nobody becomes as good as he is at boxing without a level of dedication that has to go as far as to exceed his natural gifts and abilities, but when he brings that big bag of money home for the kiddies, they’re all by Black women.

Of course, the dude doesn’t have the best reputation for dealing with the women in his life, but he’s an obsessive-compulsive megalomaniac and if you’re the woman that signs up to deal with that, you’d best to realize they’ll be a price to pay for any rewards you may get.

Still, I’ve had my IQ tested maybe 6 times and I’ve always scored decently, yet I write for a demographic that even I’ve acknowledged doesn’t read.

Reminds me of when me and a fellow journalist were both starting out and after praising my prodigious talents, she asked me if I planned on continuing to do this “Black” stuff.

I said, “Sure. Why not?”

She’s since been on “The View” several times and even interviewed the former First Lady.

And here I am



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