Whitlock & Ray Lewis to Form New “Negro Institute of Advanced Self-Hatred”


To their credit, they’re both getting paid for this shit.

So if any of you niggas are out there hating yourself without getting a check for it, this here school’ll be just what you need.

Get ready to submit your money orders!

Cause Jason Whitlock and Ray Lewis are coming together to form the new “Negro Institute for Advanced Self-Hatred” where you’ll learn gems like:

  • Mocking Negroes that stand on personal beliefs
  • Blaming the Negro for any racial misunderstandings
  • Demanding that your white massas wear boots because it just ain’t as cool to lick sneakers or sandals
  • Advocating the protection of all historical evidence and symbols of racism, hatred, or oppression
  • Trashing the opposite sex of your own race

And perhaps most importantly,

  • A pit bull-like defense of the American flag without a whit’s worth of attention to the words of the Pledge of Allegiance or what the colors of the damn thing actually mean

That last bit pretty much sums up both men’s position on Colin Kaepernick.

They both beat Kaepernick like a pinata because it must have occurred to Kaep somewhere, maybe about the 2 millionth time he heard “and justice for all”, that not everybody was getting justice and continuing to stand for the National Anthem might make him de facto complicit not only in the crimes that America was currently committing, but in genocide against the Indians and enslavement of the Africans as well.

This is a position, of course, that the Negro Institute of Advanced Self-Hatred does not agree with.

Shit, you won’t even get us here to agree that America is still a “work in progress” and that certain injustices, though they may still exist, will more than certainly be eradicated in due time.

Hell no.

According to us, everything is hunky dory right mothafuckin now.

And so what if red, white and blue, when reversed mean

Blue: we will vigilantly

White: protect white people

Red: by making others bleed, if necessary.

I mean, we will, won’t we?

That’s what we’re pledging allegiance to.

That’s why it’s so important, for Negroes most especially, to stand at attention and even salute if you can.

And if you didn’t know and still don’t even after me telling you, that’s why it’s so important that you go to the Negro Institute for Advanced Self-Hatred so you can learn from the best.

Jason Whitlock, who yesterday posted a pic on his Twitter account of a white man dressed up like Colin Kaepernick wearing a San Francisco 49ers jersey, fake Afro and fake beard and captioning his Tweet “Great to have Kap stop by the studio today.”

demonstrates the level of his commitment to his own self-hatred by playing along with the old trope that “blackness” should only be denied to those that claim it.

You’ll recall this same Whitlock tryna force Tiger Woods to be Black, when Woods has never claimed any such thing.

Our other great instructor, Ray Lewis, is a Christian (of sorts) and has a total of 6 children by 4 different women despite having never been married.

His recent assertion that Kaep woulda been signed by an NFL team already were it not for Kaep’s meddling (Black) girlfriend, is a classic usage of the divide-and-conquer technique necessary for the destruction of Black love and the Black family, two things we are appalled by here at the Institute.

Of course, the most important benefit of enrolling in the Negro Institute of Advanced Self-Hatred is that you will land an on-air job that pays good money.

Ask one of our most esteemed alumnus:



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