Was RGIII Blacklisted Because of His (String Of) White Women?

First, lemme just say this: RGIII is garbage.

Sure, he won the Heisman and he finished his rookie season with the Washington Redskins by winning his last five games, getting the team into the playoffs, rushing for 800 yards and throwing for 3000 – all making him hot – but if you take something right off the stove and throw it away, guess what?

It’s hot garbage.

The next season, his completion percentage fell, his passing touchdowns dropped by 1/4th, his rushing was nearly halved, his interceptions more than doubled and the team went 3-13.

The following year, almost everything tanked for RGIII and the Redskins, all the while, his teammates hated him.

The following season, he signed by the Cleveland Browns for huge money, and was knocked out for the rest of the year in the first game of the season.

Now y’all know I’m the biggest racist there is.

So when I saw his Baylor-acquired fiance (and she was white) I remember thinking, doesn’t he know he’s about to become an NFL player and he’ll soon be able to afford an upgrade with way more, ahem, “features”?

Not that his fiance, eventual wife, now ex-wife was ugly, she was just plain.

And you can almost imagine Robert Griffin III, the kinda nigga that C. Thomas Howell depicted at the dinner table lusting after mom in Soul Man

– or, *cough* like David Ortiz who couldn’t even wait till he got out of the minor leagues  – compulsion shopping for white women and wifing the first one he found.

Can’t blame him.

I do the same thing; but with, like, clothes.

You know, shit you can return.

Well, it turns out, you can return white women too.

And that’s probably why RGIII’s fucked up right now.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every Negro male or female that marries or loves white opposites is a White Supremacist, it’s just that most of them are.

Realistically, almost everybody raised in America is at least a closet White Supremacist.

We can’t help it.

Still, one of the unspoken tragedies of racism as far as it concerns interracial marriages and unions is that in the case of Black men getting with white women, if that union doesn’t work and she’s given birth to a Black child, it’s gonna be almost impossible for her to – if she should desire – return to the white dating pool.

I mean, Tiger Woods’ ex could, but she fleeced Tiger for nearly a billie.

Chris Cantwell would wife her for that kinda bread.

But do you think the average white dude is gonna endure being a laughingstock by playing Black kid’s step-pops for only average cash?

Probably not.

So after signing his big contract with Cleveland and leaving his wife, who’d had a daughter, for the kind of white woman that even that late across-the-board Caucasian-hater Khalid Muhammad would have seen and been like, “Aiight now!”, it may come as no surprise that Robert Griffin III is in Kaepernick’s free agent shoes, although for (possibly) different reasons.

Are there worse quarterbacks than RGIII that have already been signed?


But I’m betting that, like when you were young and wanted to give that little bit of change you had to the beggar that was straggling in your direction with his hand upraised before your parents said, “Don’t do that. He’s only gonna use your money to buy drugs”, any NFL GM thinking Robert Griffin III was probably warned the same way by their team’s owner who’s already seen what RGIII uses their money to buy.

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