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First of all, Jemele Hill was wrong.

Forgive me for being a punk and taking so long to say that, but I knew it after the first day, I just didn’t have a phrasing for it and, imagining that the controversy would somehow blow over, I delayed writing about it even longer and now we’re here: September 15th, a full, what 5 days after said ESPN host called our current President a White Supremacist and I’m just now getting around to addressing it?


But she was wrong.

Donald Trump isn’t a White Supremacists; Donald Trump is a me supremacist and if you think otherwise, you’re looking at things from the wrong perspective.

Dig, White Supremacists are people whose entire sense of self is tied to their whiteness.

They have nothing else going on, so they lean heavily on their whiteness for validation.

Now think about Trump.

Think about him if he were Asian.

Think about him if he were Black.

Think about him if he were a woman.

Trump’s not a man, he’s a type.

And my bet is, he’d be strutting around with that same self-satisfied sense of entitlement, that same obnoxious cockiness and swagger that he walks around with now no matter what color, race, gender or sexuality he’d been born into, it’s just that no – and this is where Jemele was right – he wouldn’t have become President but – now she’s wrong again – not because he’s a white supremacist, but because we are.

Like I wrote before, it’s almost impossible to grow up in America and not be White Supremacist.

Now, for all you pure constitutionalists who think that the horde that’s so aggressively after Jemele and tryna get her fired from her job because she sent that audacious series of tweets are somehow violating her First Amendment, “Freedom of Speech” rights, you’re wrong.

There’s no such fucking thing as Freedom of Speech if you can’t also yell “fire!” in a crowded movie theater or however you’d like, threaten the President.

What you have, like I said on Twitter, is freedom to joke.

In other words, late night hosts can have about as much fun as they want.

And that’s the American idea of “democracy”.

If Jamele had Tweeted something akin to “Sometimes I think this muhfucca Trump is a White Supremacists and shit. The way he be acting” things wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near this far.

But throughout history – and especially now, especially with this administration- speech has been given a very precipitous link to action, hence the idea of “hate” speech and other things deemed “dangerous”.

It’s not too much to image that Jemele’s tweets, left to fester, could be suggested as the impetus behind whatever “left-wing” or Antifa attack, bombing, riot or protest the government is about to covertly lay on us and we’re about five minutes from seeing shit be deemed worthy of prosecution.

This, more than ever, is a time when the only people not being blamed are the ones that are out there actually doing shit.

Look at Heather Heyer down there in Charlottesville.

Poor girl killed by a maniac – who, of course, might or might not have been a government operative – and now they’re trying to suggest that because she was overweight and has been deemed “out of shape” that it was these conditions and not the three thousand pound car mowing her down, that killed her.

You can only shake your head and wait to see what happens next.



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