Anthony Lamar Smith is Yet Another Dad Down

It’s important to remember that during slavery, there were free Black people; even in the south.

I mention that because as Black incarceration numbers become astronomical and prisons become as profitable as laundromats and car washes, there’s gonna be very little excuse for keeping niggas outside of jail that could be otherwise in jail, earning top dollars for the companies that profit off of jail labor as opposed to posting up on a block somewhere taking in welfare for doing nothing.

And those, believe it or not, will seemingly be the alternatives.

If you are, of course, deemed a “productive” Black, you’ll probably be allowed to proceed, business as usual.

But if you’re deemed unsavory or even only partially savory, then it’s the clink for you and in the off chance that a new prison hasn’t been built quickly enough and all the current ones are overcrowded, it might just be death in the street.

Y’all have heard me whine about police brutality and how the cops that perpetrate it have absolutely no fear of recourse from either the courts or niggas who, realistically, they should be terrified of.

I mean, most of us look a Jews in the concentration camps and wonder how they endured that shit and why the didn’t fight back but here we are in 2017 in our very own police state, ready to murderously retaliate to any slight by another nigga but overcome with grief and only able to mount a rally – at best – when one of our murderers is “law enforcement”.

That’s kinda sad.

And what sucks the most about this young man, Anthony Lamar Smith, that was killed by a lunatic with a badge named Jason Stockley aside from the fact that Mr. Smith was only 24, was the fact that he was a dad.

We’re a people that can’t afford the loss of too many of those.

Our boys are without wristwatches, wild in the streets with the pants sagging and our girls don’t have comparisons on which to base the notion that they should expect and deserve better.

If there remained any doubt – which there couldn’t have, really – that war has been declared against Black America and mass incarceration was nothing more than the imprisonment of the would-be leadership of our insurrection, then again, realize that no method of suppression in terms of dealing with Black men is ever deemed “illegal”.

This dude Stockley was captured on audio saying that he was going to kill Mr. Smith, he used an police-illegal AK-47 rifle in the shooting and the gun “found” of Mr. Smith’s corpse had Stockley’s DNA on it and not Mr. Smith’s.

Yet the judge that acquitted Stockley of wrongdoing – you didn’t think he’d be convicted, did you??? – argued in the case of the gun that it must have been Mr. Smith’s because “An urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly.”

The dead can’t speak for themselves so who knows if Mr. Smith was a heroin dealer, and even if he was, that doesn’t mitigate the fact that the gun found on him was planted or that he simply should have been arrested.

But, like I said from the beginning, maybe the prisons are currently overcrowded.

With as young as he was, Mr. Smith could have turned big profits for all those corps that Ava DuVernay’s doc pointed used prison labor to profit.

As it is, his death only satisfies America’s (numerical) population control agenda in regards to Black people.

From where his daughter sits however, I doubt there’s any consolation at all.

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