Why Kevin Hart Cheated


Kevin Hart cheated for the same reason that athletes go broke.

For the same reason that people who, on the surface, seem to have it all, almost always seem to throw it all away.

Kevin Hart cheated because in the back of his mind the impetus that had put him On Top was counterbalanced by a law as old as the work of Isaac Newton: in other words, what goes up

Dig, kept simple, cheating is just insecurity manifesting itself.

And in poor Kevin’s case, there must have been the idea that he might not be getting any attention from the ladies at all if he hadn’t made himself into who he is.

Still, to the wise man, pussy is like food and if he’s eating at home, it doesn’t even bother to register to him how much money he’s saving as he drives past fast food restaurant after fast food restaurant.

But if your a fatso for whom food is compulsion or suffer from satyriasis/nymphomania and just need to fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck while neither receiving nor having the expectation of joy, then that’s what you do.

But that’s not Kevin’s case.

Kevin’s is more simple.

Like I said, he knew his Reign on the Top was, pardon the pun Biggie, short like, well, him.

And this is not a knock on his brand of humor which, if you’ve read me, you’ll know was never particularly to my tastes, although I did find him “good”, I never found him funny.

This had to do with him being aware of the simple fact that tastes change; and he’s more than certainly witnessed that during his own time aspiring to be Top Dog.

He probably looked at Eddie Murphy with an admiring eye or Chris Rock or Jamie Foxx of Dave Chappelle.

And somewhere in his mind he had to realize that if he were to pass all these fine comedic geniuses – except for Jamie, who’s genius is more in acting – they’d have to suffer a corresponding fall.

Then after he got to the top, what then?

And it’s here that Kevin makes – you’re gonna hate me for saying this, but – Bill Cosby look like the shrewdest man who ever lived because despite the Cos’ own gross and reprehensible endless pursuit of pussy, he never left his first wife.

That was Kevin’s biggest mistake.

The belief that, as the appreciation for his talent grew, his talent grew as well.

This not only negated the value of his first wife as his first believer, but it also removed the basis of support he would need when his star was eventually dimmed.

Now he’s on his second wife, she’s pregnant, and he’s having to apologize because whoever he was fucking was about to try to extort him.


The better move, of course, would have been to plan in advance for his own descent while still with Torrei Hart, his first wife; stacking chips for himself and the fam so when tastes invariably did change, he could bow out gracefully, still rich.

When Derek Jeter was young with the Yankees and they just kept winning, one commentator told him that “this” – meaning the winning – couldn’t go on forever.

His response at the time was “Why not?”

Well, he knows why not now.

Kevin Hart’s already down a wife and now has to trust that his new wife, Eniko Parrish, is ride-or-die despite having just been very publicly humiliated.

Could you blame her if she took every dollar she could get and bounced?


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