Who Controls (Most) Protests?


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If you read Malcolm’s autobiography, you know his criticism of Dr. King’s March on Washington was that the event that took place was far different from the event that had been intended to take place.

Instead of a beautiful speech and a peaceful get-together during which gatherers were told not only what time to arrive, but also what time to leave, the original “marchers” had been on their way to DC to fuck shit up.

They’d intended to shut down airlines, lay in the street and clog traffic, go to Congress and shout down the legislature; just generally create havoc.

Now, I’m not knocking Dr. King.

It think it was optimistic of him to still try to work within the system to try to get accomplished what he felt needed to be done.

Of course, by the end of his life, and with Medgar, Malcolm and so many other’s he’d known dead, he was talking about “We as a people shall get to the promised land.”

In other words, fuck tryna save America as a whole, my goal have just become considerably more specific.

Still, we’d be fools to think that America’s abandoned the playbook that worked so well back in those March on Washington days.

That is, the illusion of the “freedom” to protest, provided things are orderly, confined and don’t venture too far beyond the parameters of good taste.

Should things get out of hand, we’ll just arrest a bunch of y’all muhfuccas which, for us, makes things a win-win.

As with what happened in St. Louis yesterday, during the protest of the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith by policeman Jason Stockley.

There were 80 protesters arrested.

So now, for coming down and exercising what’s supposed to be a “right”, I get thrown in jail, likely fined and potentially a police record.


And of course you can’t trust the so-called “organizers” of these things because you can never be sure if they aren’t government operatives themselves.

Essentially, what the modern protest has devolved into is a “right” to gather in a selected area of whichever city and express your displeasure by screaming in a cop’s face.

That’s about it.

Still, you’ve gotta consider that the government is ingenious for having created this outlet themselves when you realize that the alternative is the kind of spontaneous emotional response we last saw elements of during the Mike Brown-fueled insurrection in that same state of Missouri, though this time in the city of Ferguson, and full scale during the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict.

That type shit can’t be allowed to happen too often because not only is it invariably gonna include the loss of life and property, but more importantly from a government perspective, it’s organic and therefore beyond traditional controls.

What if it should continue to spiral, then what?

Like I’ve written before, the most important illusion about America is this concept of “freedom” that you keep hearing being peddled like it’s gospel but that you should know, since it seems so important to it’s peddlers that we believe it, has to be some bullshit.

And how could we be free when America leads the entire world in incarcerated people?

Also, how could we be free if our choices are either/or?





Even God gives a third option; believer/atheist/agnostic.

So when you go out to protest – which I’m not criticizing anybody for doing – just keep it under control, ok?

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a “protest”, now would it?

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