Allyson Brittany Moran Joins the Ranks of the Rank


As yet another vile and reprehensible whore of a teacher – this time some slore named Allyson Brittany Moran out in Michigan – causes me to wonder what the fuck I was doing wrong that it took me till I was in 11th grade to get some pussy and didn’t ever get to fuck a teacher till I was out of college and she wasn’t, of course, my teacher, I think it’s time to hearken back to my old perspective on this issue and maybe make some changes, maybe not.

See, back when I was, ahem, pardon the pun, “tackling” Mary “Debbie” Fletcher who’d just fucked a football team, I was defending the “double-standard”, now I’m not too sure.

Not if we’re gonna argue not only that girls mature faster than boys, but that, as those moronic feminist never tire of saying, boys and girls should be raised the same – which is absolute madness until boys can give birth – then maybe the same time should be issued for the same crime of “molestation” no matter the gender of the teacher/molester, male or female.

But no, fuck that, I was kidding.

Give the male molester more time.

There’s something disorientingly Weiner-like and pervy about an older guy “seducing” a young girl, even if the girl’s exactly the type that Nabokov wrote about.

Still, really, a couple of things I didn’t address in that Debbie Fletcher piece was not only how come, with the notable exception of Pamela Stigger, you rarely see any Black ones, but also how come so many of these bitches are so… hot?

Male logic says that a hot bitch should be able to get any guy she wants so it pisses us older-than-high-school guys off that these women are actually choosing high school kids but that might just be it.

See, I had an ex that argued that a lot of these female teacher/predators were fucking boys to feel empowered.

She argued that the dating scene had made them feel like prey and it was here, in schools, where they were in control, that they decided to more or less “exercise” that control.


And that might also answer the not-too-many Black molester question; not too many Black male feminists.

Back before feminism mutated and was restricted to shit that made sense like equal pay for equal work, female teachers didn’t seem to be fucking their students at this rate.

Maybe they were, they just didn’t seem to be.

Now that most males have been cowed into pretending to actually listen to bitches while on dates and sympathizing with female “movements” watching chick flicks and doing all sorts of bullshit then allowing themselves to be surprised when they don’t get the pussy, high school boys, still brutal, still vulgar, still deliberately clumsy and awkward must seem like “real” men in comparison.

But how long will that last?

How long before even high school boys are opening doors for ladies – their own age, for Christ’s sake! – and joining movements and going to protests and crying at Arianda Grande concerts and that kinda bullshit?

What then?

The most famous of all of these cases is still the one involving Mary Kay Letourneau who started fucking, had a child with, went to jail for fucking, then ultimately married and had another child with Vili Fualaau.

Their thing started when she was 34 and he was 12.

How long will it be before even a 12 year-old’s swag starts to seem too compromised and these hot, sexually frustrated white whores start taking their desires out on pre-schoolers?



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