What Would Crispus Attucks Think of These Flag Protests?

The irony which is, of course, unsurprisingly missed by all the people up in arms against the NFL players who choose to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, arguing that they’re “disrespecting people that died” for this country or the flag, is that the first person to die for this country was, well…

While almost nothing can be said for certain about Crispus Attucks, including the year of his birth, the fact that he stood up to those bullying British soldiers on that fateful March 5th back in 1770 makes me tend to imagine that he would probably be riding with the NFL players as they kneel to protest police brutality and the notion that he might have, in fact, been a runaway slave, makes me certain he would have.

Nobody values freedom more than someone who’s had to construct its terms on his own.

And when you combine a man who has emerged with his own definition of freedom with one who has a natural tendency to resist bullying like Attucks, you have a guy that certainly wouldn’t have backed down from our bullying President who’s taken the most un-American position imaginable by declaring war on the NFL!

He might as well have bombed the Twin Towe….


That’s been done already.

By another administration.

Anyway, Negro-Americans, as you know, have a very complicated relationship with not just war as it pertains to America, but America in general.

I can tell you for a fact that there’s one time in history where I personally would have certainly taken up arms against my own country; that’s when the British were offering emancipation to any slaves that fought against the Founding Fathers in the American Revolution.

Sorry, but I simply would not have fought to keep myself enslaved.

Another amazing curiosity you won’t read too much about in the history books is that although it’s pretty widely known that lots of former slaves fought with the Union during the Civil War, there was a time when the Confederacy grew so desperate that it actually tried arming the slaves to fight on their side.

Although the books you’ll find that mention the subject are quick to say it didn’t work, I haven’t found one that says why it didn’t.

You know what?

I’ll bet I can guess.

“Hey Timbuck,” says the Confederate soldier, “take this here gun and when you see you a Yankee, you go and blast his head off.”

Timbuck looks thoughtful.

“So lemme get this straight,” Timbuck begins, “You want me to shoot the people that are fighting to emancipate me so I can go back to picking cotton for you for free?”

“That’s right,” the Confederate says. “You understand?”

Timbuck, nodding vigorously, “Yeah, sure, I think I got it. Gimme the gun.”

Seriously though, as I’ve said a million times, it’s well known that Black people have fought for America in every single one of its wars and while even I’ll admit that it’s impossible to speculate on what historical figures would do if thrust into the overwhelming reality of today’s world, I can’t help but imagine that Crispus Attucks, once given the logistics of why said protests are taking place, would not only join in, but also be positively astonished that some 247 years later, such measures are still even necessary.


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