Hef Proved that SJW’s Get the Booty!


As if you needed even more proof that most racism is just a misdirected sexual obsession, then the late great, ahem, “Social Justice Warrior” Hugh Hefner provided what should be the closing argument.

Hef, who died yesterday and founded Playboy Magazine in 1953 after an $8,000 loan, was a pioneer in not just T&A, but in forwarding progressive thought, women’s rights, Civil Rights, counter-arguments and all perspectives.

If you’ve never read Playboy – which, you may, of course, have opened without reading – then you probably missed some of the most insightful articles written by the best writers ever to appear anywhere.

Playboy ran excerpted sections of Malcolm X’s collaboration with Alex Haley that were included in The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

My own personal favorite article was a rerun of an old Marshall McLuhan interview which was absolutely eerie in its prescience.

And of course there was television show, Playboy After Dark, which broke boundaries by introducing white audiences to the comedic talents of Bill Cosby and Dick Gregory while also showcasing Lenny Bruce and a young Woody Allen.

All this added up to make Hef the kind of open-minded advocate that this country was allegedly founded on and also, again, proves my point.

See, if you’re into girls, I mean really into girls, you don’t allow for distractions like racism and all that other old bullshit.

If you’re a guy that’s into girls that’s into guys at all, you’re into guys that get girls so that you can both compare notes and use each other as wingmen.

This means that racists, like I’ve written, like I believe, and like is virtually proven every time they show themselves as was the case in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a bunch of dudes picked a Friday night – of all nights! – to go around marching and chanting “Jews will not replace us!” which any reader of Philip Roth knows is nonsense because when it comes to hating Jews, those bozos can’t hold a candle to the kind of self-loathing that Roth can put down, are really only hung up over the fact that their penises are not a size that they’d like, or they haven’t come to terms with their own inherent homosexuality.

Dylann Roof would be the perfect example of the latter.

That sweet thing with his pageboy haircut that shot up 9 Black churchgoers down in Charleston, South Carolina.

One can only imagine how much interracial cuck porn he watched.

And you just know he pictured himself as the girl.

He probably also realized that he was too ugly to get done by the kind of big Black stud he lusted after, so he committed an act so heinous that he figured once he got locked in gen pop, a couple of those big dick niggas that used to make him cum on himself would doubled up and punish-fuck him; one banging him from behind while pulling his hair, the other making him gag on the dills before shooting a load in his mouth.

Hopefully, they keep Roof’s ass in solitary so even that twisted fantasy never comes to pass.

For the rest of us, of course, there’s Hef.

And although y’all know Dickie Bhee *almost* never runs any nudity, as a tribute to the late great man himself, I’ll grant myself a pass this one time and run down

The Top 10 Pics of Chicks Ever to Appear in Playboy











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