Tarik Sheppard’s N-Word Lawsuit’s About to Cost Black People a FORTUNE

Not to come across as a hater, but I hope to fucking God that this idiot of a cop, Tarik Sheppard, who’s suing the US Open for 2 million dollars because some parking attendant called him a nigger, fails in his pursuit of that cash.

The reason I hope he loses is not only because I think that nigger’s a word that, hey, if it offends you that much, punch the muhfucca that called you it the fuck in the face, but also because the parking attendant in question is Black.

Now, the reason a successful lawsuit for Mr. Sheppard would become a problem is obvious: ultimately, it would lead to somebody, probably US Open officials themselves, egg firmly and freshly on their faces, to propose legislation banning the, ahem, “N-Word” deciding that it’s too hurtful for anybody to use.

After that, you see a bunch of muhfuccas rushing forth to produce suggested prison terms and fines that ultimately would just be done in the interest of taking more muhfuccas off the streets and lining the pockets of already rich political coffers.

And of course, the real tragedy would be that the main people arrested, charged, fined and imprisoned for using that the gross and horrible word would be, well, niggas.

You are officially a fool if the following apply to you:

  1. You believe that laws have anything to do with morality
  2. You believe that Black people break more laws or commit more crimes than non-Blacks
  3. You believe there aren’t laws that specifically target Black people

You couldn’t be on your stoop you couldn’t be on your phone you couldn’t be anywhere within earshot of the 5-0, talking causally, saying that word and not expect to get hemmed up, possibly arrested, likely fined, maybe even shot to death.

And while I’m not gonna do a takedown on my own three above listed points because if No.’s 2 & 3 ain’t self-evident to you, you’re white and need to don the shoe polish so you can do your own Black Like Me social experiment, please do allow me to explain the first part of my argument.

Kept totally real, there need only be two laws:

Do not kill.

Do not rob.

If you wanted to push it, you could add shit like don’t go around beating people up and avoid fraud.

That’s it.

The rest of that shit is just reasons to put muhfuccas in jail and rip them off.

And check, even those, the Big Two, get violated all the time and generally by the people that wrote those same ordinances.

They tell you not to kill but then send your ass off to war when they want you to jack some sovereign nation’s land.

Then, of course, if you get convicted of what another muhfucca considers a truly heinous crime, the state kills you.

They also tell you not to rob but, shit, how’d we get this here nice chunk of land we done established these here United States of America on, as an inheritance?

Also, let you be a homeowner and some university or some new stadium or some new highway or something else deemed “beneficial to the public good” decide that it needs that land you’re living on.

Guess what?

Your shit’s took.

So the main people that make the laws they tell you to follow are the first ones that break them when they don’t suit their own particular purposes.


So basically, what I’m envisioning in my own dystopian view of the future is a buncha niggas in jail for saying nigger.

And they’ll probably all be facing life.

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