If the NFL Replaced its Stars With White Nationalists, Would You Watch?

I’ve paused to watch a bunch of Mexicans in the Bronx running a five-on-five full court game once.

That’s just how compelling I find basketball.

I can watch almost anybody play it.

And I don’t know why those Mexicans were on the court.

They had a soccer ball near them.

I think maybe the grass was wet or something.

But none of them were built for the game.

They were invariably athletic, but basketball was clearly not their sport.

Of course, there was one guy that stood out because he was better than the rest of them.

He was taller and the moves seemed to come more naturally to him.

It was easy to imagine that he played more frequently than the rest of the guys I was watching him play with.

It was hard to tell if he was actually “good”, but compared to those guys, he was a superstar.

I write all this because it’s occurred to me that, at any moment, the NFL just might decide to get rid of all of its protesting players.

And you can go on about the First Amendment and all that other old bullshit if you want but before you do, remember that if you’re a player, the NFL’s a job and you’d literally die in court trying to prove unfair termination before those same courts ended up ultimately ruling against you if you were crazy enough to take things that far.

Since, as David Carroll pointed out, we’re now dealing with the irony of a draft-dodging, former POW-insulting Commander-in-Chief who’s currently sounding the drum beats of patriotism, it’s not out of the question to imagine that you not only could replace all the NFL players that are currently protesting with, say, White Nationalist, but that NFL viewership would remain the same after you did it and might even increase.

People that love football love football.

They don’t care who’s playing.

They watch college.

They watch high school.

And of course, one of the enormous cons that coincided with Branch Rickey’s signing of Jackie Robinson that broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier was that Rickey got to pass the move off as altruism, when it was just another naked ploy to get his team to win more.

They wouldn’t have signed the darkie if he couldn’t play.

The Negro Leagues were already full of darkies that could play and Branch Rickey was simply tired of his Brooklyn Dodgers losing, that’s all.

So if, in fact, the NFL did get rid of all its protesting stars and replace them with White Nationalists, sure the product would suffer, but my bet is that the game would still have a healthy audience.

So before you call coon the players who are, no doubt, about to fall in line and chill with all that protesting, consider all the ways that your job has infringed upon your “rights”.

And have you quit?

I mean, those NFL players would be fools to think that their stars shine so bright that the league would never get rid of them when we’ve already seen this country cause the most interesting athlete in history o-MUHAMMAD-ALI-facebook to miss 3 years of his prime when he wouldn’t get with it’s program.

Anybody can get it.

And half the people that would, ain’t even as good as Colin Kaeperick.

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