Gun Makers Shot Up Las Vegas

One of the great things about the mainstream media is that they often inadvertently tell you the truth in the middle of lying their asses off.

And here I was, being such a racist that the minute I heard that the alleged Las Vegas shooter, Steven Paddock, was white, I found a way to blame Trump, then drifted off contented, looking for other shit to read and ready to put the whole thing behind me.

Then, just randomly, and because I subscribe to HighImpactFlix, I clicked on this video and was like “Damn, you idiot fucker Dickie Bhee… that’s how they get you. That’s how they get you every time…”

Then I go to my favorite conspiracy site on Reddit and realize that everybody there is already all over it.

And I listen to this video, realizing that, of course, there was more than one shooter, and I’m like… why?

See, because unlike 9/11 where it made clear sense to bomb The Towers for the dual purpose of ushering in The Patriot Act and attacking a foreign sovereign then ripping them off for oil, I couldn’t couldn’t come up with a reason anybody would want to shoot up Las Vegas.

Then I thought of that New York Daily News headline that I saw linked to an article that I didn’t even bother to read and was like, “Of course!”

I mean, it’s all in the title “Gun Stocks surge after Las Vegas Mass Shooting“.

The Daily News is so comfortable with it’s readers’ imbecility that the article itself even included this insult to all intelligence as it’s first line:

Mass shootings mean more money for gunmakers.

How blatant can you be?

And if you wanted something ominous as a last line, how bout this?

Overall, gun stocks are down under President Trump compared to President Barack Obama.

The true answer was, as always, as simple as “follow the money.”

I mean, let’s face it, we are a nation full of stupid people.

So dumb, in fact, that a great majority of Americans really do believe that 19 hijackers hated America so much that they committed suicide by flying planes into the World Trade Center when even children know that when you hate somebody, you try to kill them, not yourself!

So stupid in fact that a bunch of football players think that kneeling while the National Anthem is being played will actually end police brutality.

So stupid in fact that a bunch of football fans think that those kneeling players are somehow disrespecting the armed forces.

And so stupid that some of us really don’t believe that our government would hurt its own citizens, no matter how many Tuskegee Experiments, MKUltras, MKOFTENs or Love Canals we later uncover.

There are people with a faith in the integrity of capitalism so strong that it rolls over into a faith in the integrity Big Business; which is madness.

What’s a few dead Americans when you’re a Smith and Wesson exec with a mortgage to pay?

To me, it’s the height of folly to buy a gun for “protection” – if armed, those in Vegas two nights ago would have simply died with their weapons on them – but folks rushed right out to buy them.

And not only for the aforementioned “protection” but the herd mentality being what it is, once they heard guns were “hot” items, they didn’t want to be the only ones without them.

A nice surge in fear and sales and all it costs was 59 lives.


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