McDonald’s Should be Ashamed that Cocaine Ain’t On it’s Extra Value Menu


Y’all already know how I feel about “drugs”.

I’ve gone on record and at length discussing the hypocrisy of terming certain drugs “illegal” and other ones “legal” simply to satisfy the greedy profit margins of the people that America’s Food and Drug Administration have decided should profit off of the shit that they concoct in laboratories, while everybody else selling anything which hasn’t been approved, should get his or her ass shoved in jail.

And the shit we get from the “approved” drug makers is always absurd.

That shit may be able to make you watch a TV show more intently, but the side effects are sure to include, *diarrhea, vomiting, impotence, internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, cancer, paralysis and sudden death.

And c’mon, like I’ve said here before, the bible not only claims responsibility for marijuana, but puts it at the service of man and here we are, most of us thinking it’s immoral because it’s illegal.

So it’s an indictment, mostly on how fucked McDonald’s pay must be that Frank Guerrero, a young cat working as manager at a location in the Bronx, felt it incumbent upon himself to get a little side hustle going, selling coke while he dished out Ron’s burgers and fries, tryna put food on the table for himself, his young girlfriend and their child.

This is the type of shit that needs to be applauded.

This is that “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” shit.

Joe Kennedy ain’t do nothing different and one of his sons became President.

And, I know I’m beating a dead horse, I say the same thing all the time, but who’s the fucking victim when a muhfucca’s selling coke to people that wanna buy it?

If he was stuffing it in the noses of the unsuspecting as they sat, slurping down their Minute Maids, then I’d be the first to say, “Clap that clown in the bing!”

But if I needed some cocaine and this dude was my hookup, I’d be fucking pissed!

Now law enforcement gets to ignore that they were asleep in Las Vegas and masquerade like they’re tough on crime, like they’re keeping us safe, when all they’re really doing is separating both a mother and a father from their child – Frank’s lady was busted too – giving the poor kid fucking emotional issues and making both parents virtually impossible to hire once they get out of the can because of their conviction histories.

Nice work, guys.

Great to see our tax money going towards worthy pursuits.

I swear, if Americans ever woke up and realized that what we allow to pass for “Law and Order” is actually some bastardization of the reverse, “Order” because of threat of “Law” and the anarchy we’ve been led to imagine would result if we were really the land of the free, is just a myth.

Most people wouldn’t act any fucking different at all.

Things would, in fact, probably even be better.

Imagine a world of weed breaks instead of cigarette breaks.

Imagine wearing seat belts only because you wanted to or drinking from a bottle of hard liquor as you strolled casually down the street.

Imagine renting whores – male or female (get your freak on) –  guns if you wanted, doing what the fuck you wanted and the only time you’d be checked would be if you did something that imposed on somebody else’s ability to do what the fuck he or she wanted to do.

That would be freedom.


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