Never Trust a Man that Disses a Scumbag like Harvey Weinstein (& That Includes Dickie Bhee)

Who was it; Camille Paglia that said that the one incentive that a woman might have that would keep her from sexually going as HAM as a man is the notion of keeping the birth canal non-toxic?

Otherwise, the only prevention would be “morality” and as we all know, the elastic on that shit been broke.

Still, it seems we gotta slut-shame the female slut while celebrating the male slut all while loudly proclaiming ourselves “feminist” because being otherwise is just as bad as being “racist” despite the fact that nobody’s really the former and everybody’s really the latter.

Other countries, France especially, knock us for what would be polite to call our “puritanical” but are actually closer to “juvenile” views on sex, but we clap back (literally) by displaying our altogether enlightened views on guns.

But whatever with all that, let’s talk about Harvey Weinstein.

And while this isn’t gonna be a total Sympathy for the Devil post, I will say that now that these “explosive” claims of years of sexual abuse and harassment are coming to light, my opinion is that only the most hypocritical of heterosexual men would openly condemn the guy.

And yes, I’m a chauvinist pig, I realize that.

But I also realize that sex for the average American male has almost nothing to do with emotion or even physical sensation.

Sex for the American male has, tragically enough, be reduced to little more than a numbers game.

That’s it.

It’s ugly, it’s sad and it’s pathetic, but so are American men.

Our insecurities are so intense that our only guard against them has become being able to proudly tally the number of unsuspecting females who have willingly or through coercion laid down and given us the boots.

And it’s therefore and with this in mind, that a guy like Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood film producer, one of, in fact, the most powerful men not only now in Hollywood, but perhaps in Hollywood history, should damn sure be expected to use his status to his advantage as he attempts to prove himself more “man” than the rest of us.

This is the American male compulsion.

Viewed completely honestly, what do you think the Civil War was all about?

The loss of male cotton pickers?

Well, LGBT stuff aside…

But seriously, there’s nothing fun about this American male numerical obsession that I’m describing.

It’s not healthy.

It’s sick.

Remember this little gem from Norman Mailer?


The line that old Norm undoubtedly deleted was the conclusion which read “…to go out and put up stats!”

And the fact that almost every single American male suffers from this mentality, proves that Harvey’s male critics, who this scandal has brought out in droves, aren’t to be trusted.

If, all of a sudden, there were white slaves, the first one I bought wouldn’t be this one


but this one


I do know though that the two exceptions to this behavior, one organic, the other legal, seem to be when a man is in love or when he’s married.

Love trumps marriage because, whether women believe it or not, when men are in love – and I’m speaking from experience here – that old “I only have eyes for you” shit really is the case.

The marriage thing depends on the integrity of the guy in question.

He may respect his vows, he may not.

But Harvey Weinstein’s only done what powerful American men do and always have done.

And I for one will,



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