Nelly & Why EVERY Rape Accusation is True

God, I hope Nelly didn’t forcibly take the pussy, but the grim reality is, he is a rapist because he’s been accused of being one.

Rape is the one crime which allows for no differences of opinion.

Somebody could accuse you of stealing some shit which you could point out is currently in their pocket.

Somebody could accuse you of killing them while they’re alive which would be insane, but could happen.

But the reason no male could ever refute a rape charge is because rape is all about the way a woman feels and there’s absolutely no way a man could ever tell a woman she shouldn’t feel raped.

Sadly, we’re now approaching a moment in history where even Sexual Consent Agreement forms would fail to hold up in court should a woman decide midway through coitus that she’s had a change of heart.

And I feel a few ways about this, none of them good.

See, most guys tragically still believe that in order to rape or be a rapist, you have to jump out of the bushes on an unknown woman, overpower her, tear away her clothes and then proceed to enter her while she either screams and fights or is petrified into a terrified silence.

This, of course, is wrong.

Rape happens whenever the woman feels like stopping and the man keeps on going.

This could be in the middle of shit, this could be before, this could even, if you’re like me and believe in post-coital rape, be after.

Like I’ve written before, post-coital rape is the shit I believe that Mike Tyson pulled on Desiree Washington.

Ms. Washington probably was all good with everything all throughout, but then once the nigga bust and didn’t even have the decency to walk her to the door of the hotel room, she felt raped.

Now Nelly’s gotta do the impossible which is prove that he didn’t rape a woman on the back of his tour bus after a show in Seattle yesterday.

It’s impossible because, like I said, rape is solely from the victim’s perspective.

The alleged cannot dictate how the accuser can or should feel.

Therefore, Nelly’s guilty; morally at least.

Now, in a court of law, that might be something else.

One of the reasons that men preside over rape cases is because they subscribe to the theory that women are emotional and may levy false accusations for a variety of rasons, being scorned among them.

That’s what seems to be the case between Scottie Nell Hughes and Charles Payne.

And, of course, whenever race gets involved, we’re talking yet another dynamic.

Emmett Till lays mutilated in the ground for God knows what reason now that his accuser Carolyn Bryant has admitted that he never even whistled nor said anything obscene to her.

The old tropes of Black sexual insatiability also make the issue sticky considering that Black men are supposed to be in such perpetual heat that we will take it if it isn’t offered and, like I’ve written 20,000,000 times before, Black women are believed to be incapable of being raped because they’re so lascivious that they’ll take it from whoever’s got it.

So I’m sad.

Nelly’s a rapist.

And he probably doesn’t even realize it.

And on some existential level, he may not even be one at all.



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