Sexy Cosplay Makes Geeks Crazy




I just watched this bullshit video on the New York Post’s website during which a bunch of white bitches (who else?) were complaining about how they’re harassed at events like Comic Con because they dress up as sexy Cosplay characters.

There’s even one chick that makes the age-old prima facie absurd argument, “I dress this way for me, not for you.”

Bitch, if that’s the case, why are you outside?

I beat my dick for me and not for anybody else and I do that shit in the privacy of my bathroom.

And don’t let me sound like a fucking pig; even though I am, but don’t let me come across as if I don’t have no sympathy for these hoes.

Nobody deserves to be fucking grabbed, poked, prodded, treated like meat, felt up, pulled, tugged or physically handled.

However – and I don’t wanna come across as being geek-sympathetic here, because I’m not – I find it almost impossible to imagine that these chicks don’t know what they’re getting into when they throw on these costumes to attend these events.

Passing out naked and drunk in a football player’s dorm room does not give said player agency to take sexual advantage, but you should also be more surprised if he doesn’t than if he does.

My point being, the guys that attend these events are geeks.

They’re into comic books and cartoons and video games.

They’re socially awkward and inept and generally at a loss or complete nuisances when it comes to women.

Therefore, when they stumble across a woman who’s not in the real world but in what they consider to be more or less “their” world, they automatically assume that she’ll be more understanding of their deficiencies than the women they encountered on a day-to-day basis.

They’re wrong, of course, but it’s probably more compassionate to pity them than to fault them.

And I’m not gonna let the hoes off the hook either.

Just like that rank slut Amber Rose tries to forward the argument that a woman can be dressed however she’d like and still warrant the respect of, say, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there is sadly no avoiding the reality that the way you look affects the way you’re perceived.

Moreover, like I’ve said a million times, there’s generally a uniform.

Female attorneys dress one way, strippers another.

And while, yes, each is deserving of respect, you probably not only respect them in different ways, but you demonstrate your respect in different ways.

It probably wouldn’t be cool to stuff singles inside the garter belt of a top litigator.

And don’t get me wrong, I understand the character attraction Cosplay invokes.

While fat guys in Allen Iverson jerseys might get “Iverson sucks” screamed at them by a passerby, the unfortunate side – depending on how you look at it – of being a woman is that your T&A on display for Cosplay especially when surrounded by geeks probably should elicit some kind of attention.

Can you imagine being a woman putting it all out there and not lifting a eyebrow of the passing male gaze?


And I know women (about as well as any man can which means, not at all), their ideal man in this situation does one of two things:

He either looks at them like they’re producing a bad smell and if he says anything, asks, “Da fucc iz u all dressed up for?”


He asks how long she’s been into Cosplay, compliments her approach, surprises her by being situationally knowledgeable, and never breaks eye contact.

Now she’s in love.

And he’s gay.

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