Prez Plans to Turn Puerto Rico into One Big Trump Casino

Whether or not you believe in weather modification or that Hurricane Maria was just a stroke of luck, you can bet your ass that our illustrious Top Guy will find a way to benefit off the situation and he’ll probably use an old standard.

What’s better than an off-mainland casino?

Especially a joint that’s also part of the American commonwealth?

Godfather II fans already know how much the fictional (and real) mafia had both infested and riding on continued relations between the United States and Cuba before Castro took over.

The opportunity to rock out on a whole island the size of Puerto Rico might never present itself again.

And if you take it only on it’s obviousness; that Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million people are roughly the same amount that populate the state of Connecticut, that’s it’s been stripped of farming and self-reliance and that it’s in debt, then it makes perfect sense that Donald Trump said that “we”, meaning United States aid and relief, were not gonna be there “forever” but he didn’t say anything at all about himself alone.

My pop’s side of the family is from North Carolina and if you were down there, you were either pretty much not working, or somehow working in the tobacco industry.

Trump’s gonna do the same shit with Puerto Rico.

It would be make more sense to relocate – or make slaves by necessity – the entire population than it would to rebuild the infrastructure of an entire society already in debt.

And I’ve been to Puerto Rico.

It’s beautiful.

Mountains and shit; beaches.

The hotel I (we) stayed in had a casino in it.

Think I put two or three dollars on the roulette table.

Good times.

Still, are we really foolish enough to believe that anybody in government is Mr. Smith on his way to Washington or do we at least have the sense to acknowledge that part of the reason the American people hired Donald Trump to do the top job is because of both the vulgar simplicity of his hustle and his unwillingness to hide it?

His entire family is both in and profitting from his adminitration.

He’s thinking legacy now, Trump wealth for 500 generations.

He’s also caught up in that delusion that the obscenely rich seem particularly succepitable to; the notion of immortality.

But this here Trump don’t just want his name to live on, he somehow pictures himself at two, three hundred years old, the doctors by then having figured out a way to reverse the aging process and keep his dick hard, trolling the beaches of his by then rather decrepit Trump Hotel & Casino: Puerto Rico picking up loose sluts as he’ll have also by then either had laws regarding polygamy relaxed or he’ll have become a Mormon.

Either way, don’t think for a second he gives a fuck about the lives of Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico as Puerto Ricans.

From his perspective, he’ll be providing jobs, he’ll be doing them all a favor.

And hey, maybe he’s right.

I mean, that’s the same perspective that the orchestrators and participants in the Transatlantic Slave Trade took on.

And you don’t hear Black people complaining about anything at all, do you?

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