The Perfect Murder MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - The body of Sgt. La David Johnson, the soldier from Miami Gardens who was working with an elite U.S. Army Special Forces unit when he died in northwestern Africa, returned to South Florida about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday. Source: CBS Miami News


I wish I knew what was in Niger or what the place had key access to that had us over there doing God knows what.

What I do know is that if you wanted to keep Black people silent about American “police” action over there, the best thing in the world to have done was to kill La David T. Johnson.

Johnson, a 25 year-old Sergeant in the Army from Miami, was not only Black, but was a father of two with a baby on the way with his Black wife.

And the Black wife is key.

You see, there are still pockets of old-school Negroes that don’t fully like (or trust) interracial dating and marriages so if you wanted a dead Negro that would garner their sympathies, killing one married to another Black was of significant importance.

Those are the Black folks that voted for Obama (for the same reason).

So, what killing Mr. Johnson does is effectively silence the Black community that might have been a little iffy about supporting US sanctioned action in Africa.

Believe it or not and amazingly, there are still Black Americans that identify with Africa as some type of “home” or “mother” land and are never too keen on seeing imperial powers start flexing muscles over there.

So, now, effectively silence, the US can proceed – with whatever it is they’re doing.

Looking for ISIS, I believe, is what they’re claiming.

They’d have an easier time finding those guys at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And, of course, we’ve heard that three other guys, Bryan Black, Jeremiah Johnson and Dustin Wright, three white guys, were all killed too, but I’ve only seen one widow crying over a casket and that was Mrs. Johnson so… maybe.


And I hope this isn’t an old-school colonization play, Trump having also run the perfect misdirection by keeping our focus on Iran and North Korea when, all along, his intention had been a takeover move in a part of the world we weren’t even alerted to think about.

Niger’s a country of over 20 million that’s a few away from being on the coast of West Africa.

It’s got a little oil, but it’s biggest money possibility is uranium ore.

This means that whatever motivated the US power move was due to strategic location as opposed to straight jack move.

Whatever the case, with the death of a US soldier and the subsequent “Only Trump” move to call his widow and, er, “comfort” her by reminding her that (death) was what her husband “signed up for“, we’ve now cleared away any esoteric hurdles that might have kept the court of public opinion dubious if not openly questioning.

White people – no offense – have historically had a tendency to be indifferent as to why we did whatever we did in/to non-white countries and I would expect that whatever our action end up being in Niger will produce the same apathy.

“Avenging” Mr. Johnson will also give Mr. Trump a little extra clout with his base being that after these four US servicemen got killed, he’ll be able to rightly claim that he swung into action unlike what the good folks of the Obama administration after Benghazi.

And maybe it’ll be after putting even more boots on the ground our true reasoning for having that poor kid killed will reveal itself.

It damn sure isn’t any of the crap they’ve been feeding us so far.



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