How Can Richard Spencer be a White Supremacist When He Doesn’t Have Kids???


Abolitionist leader and to some, madman John Brown, had 20 kids scattered across two wives and a couple of his boys died if I’m not mistaken when he led his ill timed but ultimately – if you think of the end game – successful raid against Harper’s Ferry.

And I know I’ve written this before, but I admire the fuck outta John Brown because if white people had been slaves, I’d like to imagine that even if I’d grown up in a slave-owning household, my eventual intellectual growth would have led me to understand that slavery was wrong, still, I wouldn’t have put forth more than maybe a few dollars – fuck risking my entire life – to free them muhfuccas because as I would have seen it, the ultimate burden of attaining their freedom would have fallen upon them.

So for John Brown to have done what he did should at least give pause to all my wholesale “hate and kill YT” niggas out there causing them to remember that there were certainly among the number of whites those that have done more for us than some of us have done for ourselves.

But again, as far as his responsibility to his own race, nobody could fault Big John there either because, like I said, he had 20 kids.

And like I’ve written, I dunno, 5 times already, the whole concept of #whitegenocide should be relabeled #whitesuicide because ignoring all this obsession with ethnostates and “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and legal access to abortion especially for Blacks and Latinos, what’s being ignored is the simple fact that white people are simply not reproducing.

If they were, they wouldn’t be worried about #whitegenocide because, from their perspective, since they’d always be the majority, greater numbers of others would simply mean greater numbers of others to exploit.

Enter Richard Spencer.

Now, from what I know about the dude – which is, admittedly, very little – he seems, if nothing else, learned.

The University of Virginia, Univeristy of Chicago and Duke are all listed as schools in which he’s studied.

And while I’ll allow for his bizarro views because everyone’s entitled, I’d still love to hear the dude in a debate with as little as a halfwit to see if he can hold his own (personally thinking that even Sharpton could take him down).

And no, I don’t at all agree with suppressing his right to speak or even protesting him because that makes him sympathetic and even heroic to those that might have been on the fence.

I say give him the biggest platform and loudspeaker imaginable and let him blather on until he runs out of shit to say.

My bet is that people would see how ridiculous he is almost immediately and turn off from him on their own if left to individual devices.

But my problem with Mr. Spencer is that despite the fact that he’s married – to a Russian; what is it with these alleged “supremacists” and their wholesale rejection of American white women? (Trump, anyone?) – the dude ain’t got no kids!

What kinda example is that?

If you’re gonna whine both about #whitegenocide and the need for an ethnostate, you’re also gonna need to be making little people to populate the place.

How could the leader of such a movement be deficient in this, the most important aspect of the program?

You white supremacists make no sense.



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