A Whorehouse For Sex Dolls? The End Ain’t Near, We’re Watching the Credits

This is gonna be a combination post.

One the one hand, I’m gonna (kinda) denounce the absurdity inherent in the fact that in Barcelona, Spain, there’s actually a whorehouse for sex dolls.

On the other hand, I’m gonna pay a tribute to real women, but not, like, a “she’s so beautiful/don’t you love her?/wouldn’t you marry her?” tribute.

I mean, like, big booty shaking, twerking, that sorta thing.

Because believe it or not, I think we’ve jumped the shark.

I think we’re in such a dangerous place as far as male/female relationships, that real anything for the other gender has become an unfathomable.

Female teachers can’t stop fucking boy students.

Males, who I once thought only got down in China with this weirdo sex doll obsession, are apparently crazy enough to, ok $2000 for your own doll might be a little high, but to fuck a used one and with a condom and in a whorehouse?


And don’t get me wrong; I’m old enough to remember honestly believing that paying good money for bottled water was insane.

Why on earth would you spend money on some shit you could stick your head under a faucet to get for free?

Years later, I’m the first one after the gym at the bodega with my $1.50.

So mark all of my criticisms with a grain of salt.

But fellahs…

Have we been bullied that deeply into a corner that we’re now so terrified of women that we’ll actually not only rent sex dolls, but pay room charges for them… I was gonna write “hoes” but that would have granted those things human agency, wouldn’t it?

This is a low point.

An all-time low.

And again, avoid the mistake in thinking that science actually favors us.

No, it doesn’t.

You see, because despite the fact that it seems like science hates women and works around the clock to come up with an alternative; this while working on little else but erectile dysfunction repairs and hair growth enhancement, what science has actually done has made men obsolete.

That’s right!

And I don’t mean sperm banks.

No, eventually, even with sperm banks, you still need to make a muhfucca just to make new sperm.

That shit don’t self-regenerate.

I’m talking about with cloning.

Now, if a bitch is truly stuck on herself – and let’s face it, which bitch isn’t? – all she has to do is take a single cell, process it into an embryo, carry it into her womb for 9 months and then, voila!

So we need to be careful how we treat these hoes.

And, more importantly, we need to start fucking them.

Sexual disatisfaction can not be a one way street here.

Not with, as I pointed out, so many teacher hoes fucking their high school charges.

And I know, it’s risky, you could, you know, end up being accused of being the new Harvey Weinstein.

But that’s a chance worth taking if the alternative is a whorehouse full of plastic.

And if you need any motivation, trust me, you’ve come to the right place.

Because right now I’m about to unveil:

Dickie Bhee’s NEXT 10 Great Twerkers!!!

10. Rissa2Cute

9. Ashley Alban

8. Ghetto Barbie

7. Roxie Pawg

6. Jade Montana

5. Lola Malone

4. Franny

3. Joi Ryda

2. Ms. Round Cake

1. Sweet Lea Lea

Now, go get em, Killer!

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