Time to Bring Back the Negro Leagues!


If you look at just the talent that once rocked; and I’m gonna deliberately include dudes that became more famous as Major League Baseball players but who started not in the minors, but there, then the Negro Leagues boasted of “Cool Papa” Bell, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson just to name a few.

Now, of course, through the prism of time we all realize that it was absurd that Black players were ever “banned” – through a “gentleman’s agreement”, of course – from participating in Major League Baseball, but the fact that a “Negro League” could not only spring up but endure proves not only a Black interest and love for the game, but like I showed in the above paragraph, an abundance of talent.

And I’m gonna again briefly mention at this point my core belief that integration was just a scheme to get Black people to stop enriching their own communities and start spending money anywhere/everywhere else, before returning to my overall point about the Negro Leagues which was this: the best part was, of course, Black ownership.

Now, the thing about white ownership under any circumstances is that has to be abided by.

Therefore when Houston Texans owner Bob McNair declares about NFL flag protests that “we can’t have the inmates running the prison“, he’s right.

He’s paying you niggers, so act accordingly.

The grimmest reality and the one that no ones seems prepared to address is the fact that at any moment, at a whim in fact, he could simply decide that he’s had enough of you muhfuccas or any owner could really, and could subsequently field an all-white NFL team.

They’d suck, but that wouldn’t be an issue by that point.

They’d still have fans.

In fact, it could be argued, that they may attracted more fans.

My grandmother told me that when Jackie Robinson signed with the Dodgers, every Black person became a Brooklyn Dodgers fan.

With so much white pride/nationalism going on today, which team do you think those crazoids would support should a team actually decide to go all white?

And don’t think it ain’t possible either.

We’re currently witnessing NFL collusion in the form of blackballing Colin Kaepernick.

How much more would really be necessary for owners to collude and decide that, outrageous talent aside, real fans, like I said about myself and my ability to watch simply anybody play basketball, would watch football despite who was on the field?

So it’s probably time for a Negro Leagues of all sports to return if only to anticipate, at this point, the possibly inevitable unspoken banning of Black players except maybe the select few that have demonstrated a tendency to be socio-politically ignorant or neutral.

And might would be good for three reasons:

  1. Black ownership
  2. Low ticket prices
  3. It would give a buncha soon-to-be unemployed muhfuccas jobs

And don’t get me wrong, Kaepernick’s stance-by-kneeling was a terrific gesture when he did it and only then.

Everything else that happened afterwards has only come across as being derivative.

If he had it all to do again today, I’m wondering if he even would.

I mean, it’s not even like there’s a Joe Frazier in his corner who famously lent money to Muhammad Ali while he was banned from his sport.

I said this before Trump got into office and I’ll say it again, protest time is over, folks.

Time to move in silence with all progressive agendas.

That is, if you wanna keep money coming in.

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