Me: Bob McNair Just Offended ALL Black NFL Players// John Kelly: Hold My Beer


You’d think as a military man that John Kelly would know better than anybody that Black soldiers actually won the Civil War.

Yeah, I know, there were only 179,000 of them actually enlisted, but the aid that the Union Army got from former slaves that weren’t actually enlisted was invaluable and if you need further evidence aside from the fact that Abe Lincoln himself said the following, “My enemies condemn my emancipation policy. Let them prove by the history of this war, that we can restore the Union without it.”, consider the fact that not only had the Confederate Army approved, but adopted a plan to enlist Black soldiers in their very own ranks.

And yes, Jefferson Davis signed off on it and it had been pre-approved by Robert E. Lee himself.

What had delayed it was the fact that Jefferson Davis had initially struggled to get it past the Confederate Congress and by the time he did and had actually begun training said soldiers, Richmond, the Confederate Capital, fell, and Jeff Davis had to go scrambling, first to Danville and then just simply on the run for his life and freedom.

And yeah, they knew it.

They knew that Blacks fighting for the Confederacy violated everything they had tried to get themselves to believe against the Negro – newspaperman  Judah Benjamin being the most vocal opponent – but, shit, they were losing.

And Black soldiers proving to be what Black athletes would eventually become (shoutout to Texans Owner Bob McNair for referring to Black NFL players as “inmates”), the South decided that anything was better than that L, including using to fight the thing they were fighting over.

Insane, right?

Well anyway, shit like this makes it particularly noxious that we have John Kelly, a former general, a man that presided over an army that boasted 17% Black enlistment when only 13% of the country is Black, would be like fuck the Army now that I’m working as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

I mean, you’d expect this shit out of a character from a Mel Brooks movie and not a former general.

And then to imply that Confederate General Robert E. Lee was an “honorable man” and that the Civil War was due to the lack of an ability to “compromise” suggests a historical naivete that would be embarrassing if not deliberate and since it is probably deliberate is horrific in it’s caliber of offensiveness.

First, Robert E. Lee was an idiot.

If Confederate sympathizers love him for any other reason than the fact that they love losers, it was because of trench warfare at Cold Harbor and that’s about it.

Wanna give him credit as a “strategizing genius”?

Read about Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg, tell me how smart that was.

Second, the Civil War, while not exclusively over slavery – it was more over slave power, which was the political cloud that the expansion of slavery would provide slave states – was not at all due to an inability to compromise.

A “compromise” was already in place.

The North had slavery, the South didn’t.

If anything, the South had the better part of that deal because of the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott ruling made slavery legal everywhere in America regardless of the status of the state.

So it was political greed on the part of the South in their interests to perpetuate and expand slavery that caused the Civil War.

You might expect that a White House Chief of Staff would know that, until maybe you consider that he’s Trump’s Chief of Staff.

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