Now that White People Have COMPLETELY Taken Over the Drug Game, it’s Time for Black People to Get Clean

You can still be pissed if you want about the fact that back when crack cocaine was ravaging Black neighborhoods and scores were dying from it’s usage and fighting over territory and profits, Nancy Reagan came along with the most condescending bullshit of all time advising those caught up in the madness to “just say no”.

The wise of us, however, knew that that shit would come back to haunt; all things do, look at what’s happening to the NFL because of it’s unwillingness to, as Celie would say, “do right by” Kaep.

But anyway, expect to be collateral if you’re a Black drug freak nowadays.

Nobody gives a fuck about your crack jones or whatever the fuck else you’re on.

You’re secondary.

In fact, if you’re colored and on anything harder than weed – and yes, alcohol is harder than weed – then you’re some type of psychopath, a throwback. irredeemable and it would perhaps be best if the race moved on without you.

For the rest of us tho, it’s more than an idea of “one man’s meat” being another’s “poison”.

No, it’s something akin to – what the fuck culture believes this? I can’t remember, Chinks, I think – that culture that believes that the word for “crisis” is the same word as “opportunity”.

And no, I don’t wanna come across as hard-hearted because the return of the scourge of drugs is aimed like a divining rod right at the heart of white suburban America, but the bottom line is, somebody’s gonna have to get those jobs and make that money that all these (new) junkies are leaving on the table.

You see this type shit in war all the time.

Joe Heller’s Catch 22 has hilarious episodes of American muhfuccas actually selling, like, weapons to the enemy and shit.

So if the “fuck y’all” serendipitously extended to Black American when… ever, which is pretty much the entire history of niggas in America, is returned unto our great nation by a bunch of niggas making cash off of America’s new misery, I say all to the better.

We ain’t on opiates.


Feels good to say that shit too.

Also, anybody that did 15 years for possessing a smidge of crack under the Rockefeller drug laws will grit his teeth when he sees shit like the fact that a white ho – not bad looking, can’t front – only got 7 years after being caught with 200 pounds of cocaine!

Let’s face it; white people were always poised to be not only better drug users, but drug dealers than niggas if only because white courts and judges can sympathise with that lack of choices and lure of easy money that would tempt white people while niggas are savages no matter how many starving babies and mamas they’re tryna feed.

So I say, take over the techs.

Fuck it.

Take over the corporate shit.


Run the fucking world, my niggas.

Planet of the Apes.

Muhfuccas are gonna think what they want and do what they want anyway.

Let ’em all be fucked up and high like we used to be, like they wanted to keep us.

The time is now, the day is here: smoke a spliff, run a lap and come up with a plan for how to rule.

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and leave the hard drugs and all that other ol bullshit to the muhfuccas that weaponized it and expected others (us) to perish by it.

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