Just When You thought White Girls Were Doing Squats and Catching Up…


In fairness, this may have way less to do with race than the fact that IG user Jan Shedd is an old wrinkled bitch who can’t even attract a Black crackhead with a “overdose Viagra” hard-on, but the bottom line is, homegirl speaks for a demographic that we thought had found its solution.

See, even though they have the natural advantage of being the still preferred “type” for their own men, white men; and they can look just about any way – except maybe old and wrinkled – for any nigga that would kick a fine Black bitch down an open elevator shaft just to bend and kiss the fingers of one of their tribe, the stalwart Negro males, the holdouts, the warrior class, while perhaps not entirely impervious to their charms, have at least demanded of white bitches that they attain the required criterion that they’d have required of any woman.

That is, ass.

And, the funny thing is, and although they’d allow the media to lie to you and suggest that the Kardashians or Jennifer Lopez or some other non-Black chick had something to do with it, white bitches have been all over new and exciting methods to lure away those last of us that reject them prima facie unless they got money or the aforementioned donks.

Like I wrote in my cuck piece, they’re dancing like Black women now, learning Black slang, acting Black, wholesale tryna replace our erstwhile beloveds in an attempt to commingle that, if taken to its furthest extreme, is evidence that they know that the future is ours and that any efforts towards self-perpetuation would be more successful among our lot (who are still fucking) than among white men who, for whatever reason, would just as soon march along with each other in a series of bitchless nights of White Supremacist protest.

Ok, then.

So, again, just like I wrote in my piece about the hating ass old white bitch against the big booty white girls in the tight shorts, it is again a female geezer, this time hating on the a Dallas newscaster named Demetria Obilor; a standard of pulchritude so extreme that were Rubens to return from the dead, one glance at this chick would kill him again!

This geezer, this Jan Shedd’s complaint?

That our darling Ms. Obilor wears dresses that appear too small!

Well, while wishing  pox on her and all her ancestors might traditionally seem too extreme, not only in this case do I think it’s too tame, but this wrinkled-pussy-can’t-be-your-lover bitch is clearly unaware of one of the standards of television journalism which is: the men can look any kinda way they want, while the hoes has gots ta be dimes!


Of course not, but fuck it, some of us jack off whenever we can and to whatever material is provided!

Ozzy Man already hipped us to the wonders of Yanet Garcia

and there’s this bitch on Telemundo in New York named Tairy Ynoa that’s got a hip/thigh combo so sensational that every time I’m on the treadmill at the gym watching her, I feel as if I may hafta call for cleanup.


Still, while nothing retards the aging process, you can still keep that body together if you’re willing to put in the required work.

So it feels good – great, in fact – to be able to twist the words of the legendary Trick Daddy around to favor Black women when I demand, “Ya’ll white hoes better tighten up!”

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