The NRA Needs to Stop

Believe it or not, there are actually people that can’t imagine that an organization as honest and altruistic as the National Rifle Association might actually be behind all or even some of the mass shootings that have taken place as of late.

They doubt this despite the fact that, as I wrote in my joint about the Vegas shooting, it’s well documented that every time a mass shooting takes place, there’s a bump in gun sales.

Now, I can dig why people would doubt actual NRA involvement.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would ever commit murder for money.

We live in a world, most specifically a country, where the interests of business are only peripheral to the overall concerns of life, liberty, health, education and the pursuit of happiness.

Why, if we lived in a world that was driven by money, there’d be in existence or at least a history of war, slavery, terrorism and crime.


Seriously, tho; c’mon.

Does anybody really think it’s beyond the moralistic capacity of the NRA to be either using hypnosis or other means to get mass shootings accomplished and drive up sales?

You’d have to not realize that everything I’d written before that last sentence was a joke to think it so.

Everything is driven by money in today’s world.

Genuine “crimes of passion” are so rare as to be astonishing.

All wars are economic, slavery was economic the best crimes are economic to the extent that when some random lunatic somewhere goes off the rails and does something nutty – Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Adam Lanza – we’re all so transfixed by it that we remember the names for eternity.

That other horseshit they feed us, like the Orlando shooting, what was his name?

Hell, what was the name of the Vegas shooter and that was just last month?

We’re not, in our psyches at least, as stupid as our governments and news medias would want us or even as stupid as we’d like to be ourselves.

We known when we’re being had and this is another time.

We knew that when Kennedy got killed that it was because the bigger money stood behind augmenting the Vietnam War and if there was anything that 1/2-wit of a president sought to do that was somewhat decent, it was ending that farce, and we knew that when the Towers fell on 9/11 that nobody hated America enough to volunteer to die on an airplane by crashing it into buildings, let alone 19 “fanatics”.

We know these things, we just deny them to ourselves.

Just like we know now, our collective outrage already dulled by Trump, by Vegas, by the truck ramming nut in Manhattan, that this shooting at a Texas church that killed more than 20 people was just the latest installment of a money grab orchestrated by the NRA among others, but we won’t admit it to ourselves because we’ve got to keep up the pretences, for sanity’s sake, that we live in a country that actually cares (ha!) about us more than it does about some corporate bottom line and because, once again and in a way that we haven’t been since the last Bush administration, we’re afraid!

My challenge to the NRA would be this: if you’re not behind all these mass shootings and you really want to prove yourselves “caring”, then give a whole bunch of guns away.

Think they’ll do it?

Now, let’s see what kinda hokey story they give us, see what kind of false flag perp they manufacture and convince ourselves that we believe that too.

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