Miko Grimes & Would Black Players Put Race Before Winning?

Here’s the thing: we know white owners would.

In an effort to appear in control, white NFL team owners would sign a dyslexic goat to play quarterback should their starter go down before they’d sign a guy that’s proven he can play the position by having taken a team to a Super Bowl just because that guy happens to be Colin Kaepernick.

When I was young, I happened to be naive enough to think that America valued capitalism even more than it did racism, but it wasn’t until I thought about things in the context of sports that I realized how much of a fool I’d been.

I mean, consider the Negro Leagues.

You had an absolute treasure trove of talent that could have helped any Major League team win, but because of a “Gentlemen’s Agreement”, all that ability was sidelined until 1947 when Branch Rickey couldn’t take his Dodgers losing anymore and decided to bring in Jackie Robinson.

And little has changed, at least as far the unspoken ideology that suggest that Black talent can be allowed to totally manifest as long as the backhanded understanding remains that white money is both in control of it and profiting the most significantly.

Why do you think, like I wrote before, Beyonce caught so much flak for the Black content of her Lemonade album?

That same album would have been just fine should the bulk of the profits been going to, say, Sony or Warner Brothers and not her Black husband.

And we see it again when Texans owner Bob McNair rails against the “inmates” – his own players – in suggesting that they shouldn’t run the “prison”, his team or his sport, either one, pick em.

So it’s to Miko Grimes, wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes, that we now turn to deliver what we’ll decide if is or isn’t the gospel.

Ms. Grimes, already no stranger to controversy, has, to her credit, always been ride-or-die as far as her man was concerned and whether you believe that her off-the-chain history of reckless and maddening Tweeting

or her highly publicized arrest

have been more bad than good for her man, he rocks with her and that should be enough for most haters.

Now she’s back to suggest the otherwise unthinkable: that a group of Black athletes, in this case, the entire Oakland Raiders offensive line, would allow their white quarterback, Derek Carr, to get injured just because he was critical of their, er, “stance” against standing for the National Anthem.

Now, one of the reasons it would be easier to disbelieve her is because, as any Negro could readily tell you, nothing has been of more importance to the architects of White Supremacy than making sure that Black people remain a divided entity.

So when you see something like a Negro that’s made it as far as the NFL and then subsequently – or at least you would imagine – has earned enough money to put a distance between himself and the unclean horde of other Blacks, it would be unfathomable that he should make any effort to demonstrate any link or unity with the aforementioned.

However, a lot of Black people that have “made it”, amazingly enough still manage to identify with the rest of us, regardless of financial station.

And it’s because this is true, that if what Ms. Grimes says is also true, it wouldn’t be as much of a shock as it would be about time.

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