Why Charlie Sheen Raped Boys

As an addendum to my piece on Harvey Weinstein’s rank debauchery where I – ok, and I’m not gonna lie – kinda let him off the hook, the only explanation I can offer for Charlie Sheen who’s just now been accused of raping a then-13 year-old Corey Haim while the two worked together on the 1986 film Lucas and who also suffered from the need to play the “numbers” game as far as sexual conquests are concerned, is that he was on the kind of sadistic power trip that was sorta akin to animals pissing to mark territory.

And I know that shit sounds crazy as hell and I may even be letting Sheen off the hook in terms of possibly being the kind of demented Platonic (original sense) child molestater that really he is, after all, his admitted “fascination” with transexual men is what he suggested was the cause behind him contracting HIV, but because his “numbers” obsession of the female variety was so determined – Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have bedded 20K, Sheen closer to 5K – that it’s difficult to imagine that Sheen had any genuine sexuality whatsoever, much more homosexual pedophilia.

While, like I wrote about Weinstein, there is an ugly general compulsion for men to try to bed as many women as possible, the more normal or saner among us do see a light at the end of that absurd tunnel; do have romantic notions of meeting “The One” and thus being motivated towards ending such inane pursuits.

Trying to extend that particular pursuit eternally suggests grim things about the pursuer.

I mean, Chamberlain himself never married nor fathered children.

Perhaps what he was chasing couldn’t be found where he was looking?

But Charlie Sheen did marry, famously, and three times.

In fact, his middle wife, Denise Richards, was so bad that even a man like me that’s not at all into white chicks woulda put a baby in her then went strolling into a New Black Panther Party meeting arm-in-arm like, “Fuck y’all niggas lookin at?”


But that’s neither here nor there.

Sexuality itself, like I said, in this case is probably a non-issue, being that what I think really motivated Charlie Sheen to rape young Corey Haim was not the boy’s fair looks.

Before his tragic death in 2010, Corey Haim had been a poster boy for what would become the young, Hollywood aesthetic of the 90’s, blonde and borderline pretty – look at how far that aesthetic took Brad Pitt – but what I think got into Sheen that made him want to (please pardon this awful pun) get into Haim, was the fact that he could tell that the boy was gonna be a star and wanted to be able to stake his claim as a man that had traveled down that road himself.

It’s the same sick compulsion that Weinstein felt.

He knew the boy was gonna blow up and he wanted to be able to say that he’d fucked him.

That being the case, any time subsequently that he saw young Corey; on the scene, on the town, making it happen, or even on television, he’d smile to himself with the twisted Columbian notion that he’d “planted the flag” and been there first.

Of course, I may be wrong.

Of course, the whole thing could be Aleister Crowley, illuminati-based sex magic.

And while a part of me would naturally wanna discourage that line of thought as too fantastic even for Hollywood, would it really be beyond the pale to imagine that a man sick enough to rape a 13 year-old would actually be above satanic invocations?

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