Trump’s About to Put LaVar Ball in His Pocket

I’m not one of them dudes that hates across the board to the point and extent that the the shit (or person) that I’m hating on can do no right and the mere appearance of their ugly face or mention of their fucked up name gives me a physical ailment.

During an interview recently, I actually praised Herr Trump for that one good point he made in Boy Scouts speech about “losing momentum” and he has, although rarely, had a few other nice turns as Prez.

But this shit here?

Yo, this shit would top the motherload, this would be the icing on the cake and the cream in the donut, the whole 9 yards, PARTYNEXTDOOR, whatever your term for a defining moment of dope shit if true.

It’s alleged – and who knows if you can believe it cause, after all, its in the papers – that while in China and, of course, being a world class fuck up, Donald Trump has also stuck his nose into the kind of “international affairs” we’da thunk he ain’t even know about.

That’s right, that fool is tryna pull some strings and get LiAngelo Ball and the two other UCLA freshman accused of shoplifting off the hook!

It’s reported that he asked President Xi himself.

Admit it: that should would be crazy.

It would also be a totally Godfather caliber “offer you can’t refuse”

combined with “be my friend, Godfather”

move that would cause even father LaVar to kneel and kiss the ring.

I, like you know, have never been a part of the “Trump is a racist” camp.

Like I said before, a drug dealer isn’t necessarily a drug user and even tho Trump peddles racism like he’s standing on the block keeping an eye out for The Jake, the imperatives of Big Business with the potential of money coming for any and all sources – including Black and brown hands – would keep any true practitioners of the arts of Capitalism from really getting down with any other isms.

So yeah, while racism is what got him in the White House, I doubt he actually uses the shit himself.

That said, how American of him, how cool, how Black even was it to try to get them boys off?

I wouldn’t have done that shit.

Fuck LiAngelo Ball.

Stupid muhfucca.

Your brother plays for the Lakers, your father started a sneaker line and you do some bullshit like shoplift sunglasses?


Cause you think that’s what niggas from the hood would do?

Fool, niggas from the hood shoplift .99 cent bags of Little Debbies Honey Barbeque chips!

Fool, niggas from the hood don’t get to go to UCLA to play ball and mingle with all them sweet young blondes with surgically enhanced booties that’ll let you drive their daddy’s car after you cum in their face.


Fool, niggas from the hood mingle with thot bitches that get into screaming matches at the bodega counter, who wear horsehair down their backs and Jordans in lieu of Louboutins.


And don’t think for one minute that even given as dumb as Trump is, when it’s time to call in that favor that LaVar won’t, if he has any integrity whatsoever, rush to the front lines.

He just saved your boy, LaVar (or at least tried to).

You’re in his pockets big time.

See you at the head of the “Re-elect” campaign in 2020.

You better pull out all the stops!

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