Break Meek Mill Outta Jail or Shut the Fuck Up


I love Hov.

He’s my favorite MC.

He took over for Redman in that department.

I also think he’s a pretty shrewd dude.

I mean, if marrying Beyonce was done for money and not love, it was fucking brilliant.

And if it was done for love?

Well, that was pretty sweet too.

As as much as I rock with any nigga that’s getting into his political advocacy, I mean, ya’ll remember how I rocked with Kaep despite thinking he was the absolute wrong man to deliver what indeed ended up being his own unique message, I can’t rock with Jay-Z here as he pens letters to the New York Times under the impression that he can sway public opinion to the point where it’ll be realized that Black people face inordinately discriminatory practices as far as not only criminal convictions but sentencings are concerned.

I mean, shit, everybody knows that already!

That’s both how and why the system was set up.

Prisons are big business and to make money they need to be stocked full of prisoners.

And while we’d like to imagine that everybody locked in the joint is some kind of immoral person – as we’re oft to mistake “law” for “morality” – the truth is, just during Jesus’ time, there’s a buncha muhfuccas out there writing laws just to fuck with people.

You can get thrown in jail for selling drugs when there are drug stores.


You can get thrown in jail for having guns when the NRA advocates everybody having guns.


The list goes on and on.

So no, don’t write to em Hov about how Meek Mill, erstwhile MC, once-upon-a-time Nicki Minaj boyfriend and longtime Drake foe has been screwed by the justice system by catching a 2-year bid for a parole violation he caught while popping a wheeling on a motorcycle on the set of a music video – the charge he was on parole for was some drug and gun shit that happened 11 years ago when Meek was 19 – if you really wanna, pardon the ancient nomenclature, “keep it gangster”, break his ass outta prison!

And don’t give me no shit about how that’s wrong, listen:

During the antebellum period when we Negroes were enslaved, the enslaved were taught that slavery was their natural lot in life and that the best that they could hope for was to be “good” slaves.

So it was seen as “wrong” for a slave to run off and horrific for one to rebel or commit some sort of insurrection.

Yet there were over 250 slave revolts involving 10 or more slaves and tens of thousands of slaves escaped.

And all of them are now considered heroes.

Shit, one’s about to get her face put on the $20.

So don’t tell me that writing letters is the answer in this case.

Just like complaining about police brutality to the cop that’s beating your ass is maddeningly preposterous, complaining about inequities in the criminal justice system via the New York Times is just as insane.

We can all agree that both the laws and the way they are enforced are inherently weighed against Black people, no?

So, let’s start pulling Assatas and breaking Black people out of jail.

We’ll hafta get them out of the country too.

But, shit, between jail and out of the country, I’d prefer out of the country.

And this might make me unique.

I mean, I told y’all about that time I asked 5 niggas would they rather spend 5 years and jail or 5 years in Paris and 4 outta 5 of them said jail, right?

Hopefully, Meek would be the one.

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