LaVar Ball & the “Ungrateful Negro”

Of course, the American Negro has lots to be thankful for, what with the Obamaphones we all got, the free college we’re all gifted with and the fact that every single job a nigga has has been provided because of Affirmative Action, and yet we’re still always complaining.

Why is that, one might wonder.

And, of course, there’s the interesting fact that our entire history started with slavery which, thanks to the services of a country full of altruistic white people, we were freed from at the cost of a great many of their lives and none of our own.

Sometimes I wish I could get to the bottom of exactly who was keeping us enslaved, since it’s been made so abundantly clear that it was America that freed us.

But even slavery itself – wherever it took place, who knows? – was more of a gift to the Negro because it cleaned him up and civilized him, gave him law and religion when all but fools know that beforehand, he was doing nothing in Africa but swinging from trees and having sex with monkeys.

Also, it should be of note that occasionally, a Negro has been allowed, again through white magnanimous sentiment, to achieve ever more than our traditional standard Affirmative Action gigs and, I don’t know, maybe sing or rap or play basketball or football and make as much money as certain whites and even more than certain others and they never seem to appreciate that either.

I mean, they protest and complain and whine all the time!

And while everything I wrote above might seem like a bit of a stretch as far as logic is concerned, understanding that a good percentage of white Americans view every single word as gospel is key to coming to terms with the psychic distance in understanding between Blacks and whites in this country.

Meanwhile, our cause towards either rectifying or ignoring the above listed bullshit is not helped by LaVar Ball when some shit takes place that a nigga should genuinely be thankful for and his response is not only in bad taste, but bad form.

Understand, everybody’s being kinder towards LiAngelo Ball and his co-conspirators than I woulda been if I had been America, LaVar, Trump, the Chinese government or UCLA.

Sure, shoplifting is not that big of a thing – I did it when a kid myself – but nigga(s) you’re 6’8″ and Black in China!

If you’re dumb enough to think that nobody was paying attention to you, you should still be in jail.

And then for LaVar, father of LiAngelo to posit that Donald Trump, who’s good word with Chinese President Xi, sprung the three boys, wasn’t entitled to a ‘Thank You’ because he was already in China and didn’t fly over there explicitly to save the boys is, to borrow from the great Union General George Thomas, “Amazing in it’s effrontery”.

Nigga, niggas on the basketball court will at least point you out when you hit them with a nice pass for an assist.

This man Trump, no matter your opinion of him, just got your kid out of a foreign jail where he was facing a 3-10.

Show some fucking class, man.


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