Don’t Expect Any Sympathy Should You Have to Kill a Nazi

I know I normalize Blackness because I am Black and I am normal – to myself at least – but even I would be the first to allow that there are certain weird things that Black people encounter that I doubt people from any other group do.

For instance, we’re led to imagine that today’s Negroes are a bunch of violently deranged psychopaths whereas we’re also told that yesterday’s Negroes were so docile that they couldn’t even get a half decent slave insurrection going unless under the influence of Northern abolitionist agitators.

We’re to believe that Blacks all hate ourselves and each other and are divisive over the smallest issues while also imagining that we en masse supported Barack Obama and agree with groups like a Black Lives Matter because “all Black people stick together.”

Lastly, of course, we’re supposedly dumb to Gumpian – how bout that for a made up word? – extremes but our, er, “criminal enterprises” are always so detailed and extensive that they require maximum sentencing whenever they’re exposed by the light of law.


As I’m fond of saying, we have to know us better.

And it’s along those lines that we also shouldn’t expect any sympathy from the courts of law or public opinion should any of us find ourselves in a life or death struggle with a Nazi and happen to come out on top: read, alive.

I forget the post, but I’ve written something like this before, I also, in my “White Pimps” post detailed why white people have such a hard time imagining each other as criminals; remember the line “That’s no pimp! That’s Maury!”?

But now that The New York Times has pretty much taken into upon themselves to normalize Nazism to the extent that this most virulent example of sociopathic extremelism has been reimagined as barely more than a benign alternative political party, don’t for a minute think that defending your own Black ass or the Black asses of your friends, family or children will be justification enough for why you’re still alive and poor Timmy, who was only kinda a pretend Nazi is dead.

You’ll be expected to have seen Timmy from the perspective that his own friends, family and the prosecuting attorney will project.

In fact, you may even have a hard time recognizing dear old Timmy from the assortment of baby pictures and little league sports memorabilia that will be present at your trial.

How to explain to these poor, mourning people that the beaming, young, happy faces they’re showing weren’t at all the tattooed, muscled maniac that broke through your living room window with a knife in his teeth and tried to slit your grandmother’s throat.

They wouldn’t believe you because Timmy would never do such a thing.

Hell, Negroes are always in the wrong to the extent that Black New Yorkers are currently watching media sympathy heaped upon an 18 year-old Latino man that knifed to death a 15 year-old boy, all while claiming to be both bisexual and bullied.

So bury Timmy if you have to kill him.

That is, after you’ve burned the body and removed the tips of his fingers.

Pull all of his teeth out and scatter them.

Bleach everywhere that his body was.

Then go right back about your business.

As if nothing had ever happened.

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