Prince Harry, Meghan Markle & If You’ve GOTTA Go “White Boy”

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Contrary to popular belief, I am not anti-interracial marriage especially when you consider how broke I am and how many rich white hoes – some of them not bad looking either – could turn my life around could I simply get a cock into their throats or a finger in their assholes.

However, my… beef? concern with? distaste for? objection toward? or the perception of such toward interracial marriage springs from the fact that it almost always seems to be the Negro that’s lowering him or herself in status to embrace a white that’s bringing nothing to the table but pale skin.

And I’m not gonna give a rundown of names here – OJ, Tiger, Serena – lord knows I’ve done that ad nauseam, but being a romantic first and foremost, and believing that even gross, disgusting, fudge-packing, cock-sucking fags – of all people – are fully entitled to and deserving of complete and unobstructed love without judgement, how much of a maniac would I be to suggest that something as insignificant as skin color should be a deterrent in the pursuit of the same?

And who knows if it’s love in this case between Prince Harry and Black actress Meghan Markle.

What is known is that Ms. Markle isn’t settling.

I mean, this dude is 5th in line to a throne that dates back to William the Conqueror, generally understood to be the first King of England, about 951 years ago.

And, of course, we’re talking about The British Empire, as in “the sun never sets on the…” or the country we had to go to war with to steal this fine country we all live in after they stole it from the Indians or the very language we’re speaking, I’m writing and you’re reading.

The English, goddamn it, not some loose confederation of niggas that formed a gang in Compton 3 hours ago.

It would be preternaturally absurd for me to be standing behind some hand-painted sign that argues vainly in favor of the preservation of “Black Love” when a bitch has a shot – albeit a long one – of becoming the Queen of England.

Also, considering that Ms. Markle’s filmography as an actress includes about 5 actual movie/non-televised joints; only two of which I’ve seen; Get Him to the Greek and Horrible Bosses, the fact that she ain’t exactly electrify the screen in either like, say, a Janelle Monae in both Moonlight and Hidden Figures, makes it safe to say that Ms. Markle might not be the most extraordinary of actresses.

But this, interestingly enough, is another win for her.

It is, in fact, a categorical reversal of that white dynamic that has niggas scurrying after nannies and cocktail waitresses and techs at bogus website startups just so long as dey iz white and ignoring Black possibles of achievement, drive, purpose and genius.

I swear, I post this Moneyball vid a lot too about how you can tell if a ball player has confidence by how hot his girlfriend is.

I also posted, right beneath my pic of the happy soon-to-be couple, a pic of a woman who is, by financial, relation, acquaintance and symbolic value, the most beautiful woman in America right now.

That’s she’s married is, well, a bit of an obstacle.

But as opposed to parading around another generic blonde with blue eyes, fake tits and no background, if a nigga really wanted to impress, he could, paraphrasing Eddie Murphy in regards to Stevie Wonder, take that wheel.

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