Twerking in the Age of Sexual Harassment

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Yes, you are allowed to be confused.

I’m gonna make a prediction here:

It’s actually something I’ve been thinking about since I started doing a lot of historical reading recently and it’s something that I can’t believe that White Supremacists haven’t already pushed and tackled since they’re main bugaboo is #WhiteGenocide.

See, I think we’re due for a mass social regression masked as some sort of return to a “higher morality”.

And I know I predicted that as far as the fags are concerned and I’ve been right on that; look around, fags: remember all your buddies from Obama’s time in office?

Where the fuck are they now?

Acting like they ain’t even suck your dick.

But moreover and now that feminism has becomes the sort of hydra that, once it devoured everything else possibly edible, began to nibble at it’s own tail, men are going to start feeling and actually being lucky to simply lock down one bitch and you won’t hear a peep from a muhfucca once he’s in said position.

You’re gonna see dudes married and happy at, like, 19.

Then they’re gonna start families, going for the bigger being the better.

A buncha kids will be the new status symbol.

One of the misperceptions that we’ve all lived with since birth was that the control of sexual politics was ever in anyone else’s hands than women.

The reason that “powerful” men could harass was because they’d gone out of their way to become powerful.

You think Harvey Weinstein could have fucked a single hot bitch on the strength of his looks?

How bout Jay-Z?

I know Hov’s not a harasser, but still.

This absurdist pursuit of astronomical numbers of sex partners on behalf of men is solely a result of feminism.

Men, like I’ve always argued, are so basic and stupid that having a constant pussy to pound at home and waiting would free our minds up to pursue Cadillacs and bigger houses.

But since liberated women demanded and received control of their bodies – yet strangely still allow men to legislate on shit like abortion, amazingly enough – and refused to “submit” – their term – to the confines of monogamy, men, as always, followed suit.

I myself have slept with way more women than I’d set out to and I’m only now, being still single, realizing how much of a moron I’d been for doing so.

But moreover, the dualistic hell that women endure which, let’s be honest, is partially of their own creation, requires them not only demand value for things other than their bodies, but also require validation as far as their sexual appeal to the point that they make twerk videos and engage in beauty pageants.

Crazy right?

And if you’ve ever thought that certain women that have obsessions with male homosexuals weren’t so obsessed because they felt that deep down, they might be the woman who could “turn” said homo, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

So what we’re seeing essentially is a bunch of woman that want to be valued as beautiful, sexual beings but often only by men ready to do anything but.

It’s also why so many female teachers have bee fucking children as of late.

A bunch of Tupacs not wanting it if it’s that easy.

And the result, like I said, is gonna be earlier and bigger families for any woman that decides that she does, indeed want a family.

So how bout that?

What feminism is ultimately gonna bring us is not a dismantleing of the patriarchy, but it’s return, bigger and deffer.

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