Are Leggings a Distraction?

Ok, as much as both I’m opposed to feminism and in favor of grabbing a bitch if she appeals to you, putting a hickey on her neck and then saying, “Hi, my name is…” I gotta draw the line at any archaic measures that take responsibility for the actions of men away from men and put them on women because of the way that said hoes are dressed.

That’s moronic.

Not only has control gotta be something innate and personal, but – and yes, I’m bout to fuck with a whole religion – the aspect of Islam that is absurd is burkaing up a bitch because you, the man, can’t e trusted if you get a good look at her.

Would the sight of more than just eyes will drive you into a frenzy?

Would the sight of her nose spur you into actions resulting in maniacal rape and the subsequently, since she was raped by you making her thus “impure” murder to purge yourself and community of a fallen woman?

We are, fellahs, supposed to be the stronger sex.

And even though I’ve never believed that shit because if I had to shit out babies, local anesthesia or epidural my ass, nigga! You better knock me out entirely and when I wake up the newborn better be in my arms!

All that said, it would take a young white champion – props to her still – named Falyn Handley to call bullshit on her little school’s ban on leggings because they were considered a “distraction”.

I’m not gonna project the results should some young Negro child had attempted the same bravery.

Little Negro children are sexualized almost since birth – earrings on toddler boys instead of watches, anyone? – so a Negro girl-child that demanded to wear leggings would just as likely have it argued that she needed an easier to adjust garment around which to turn tricks.

Still, the innate logic required to understand that for some men, any sight of any part of a woman is too much for them to handle to the extent that you’d imagine that certain men, Muslim and otherwise, would just as soon see women banned entirely.

The rest of us realize that, burka or not, you can still make out a general form for many a hoe and I remember once, in Bay Ridge, seeing a young Muslim woman all B’d up but with an ass so phat I wanted to make salat!

All this to say that perhaps the main thing that seems to be lost in this rush to confront and condemn male predators on one side, female teaching predators or another and general distrust between the sexes in the middle, is the notion that men and women can actually like each other.

I was thinking about this yesterday.

Everybody’s allowed the current state of the world to force sex or the promise or even threat of it to the forefront of every male/female interaction that the possibility of men and women liking, enjoying the company of, or spending time together without the fear? necessity? eventuality? of a sexual encounter looming is an antiquated notion at best.

And now we’re having to watch 10 year-old girls fight for the right to wear leggings.

Why not just ban girls from school?

That would probably keep them safe from the dreaded “male gaze” and us safe from them.

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