At 19, LiAngelo Could Be Like, “Nah, Fuck That: I’m STAYING”

I know, I know, I’m way critical of interracial relationships, but perhaps it’s time I consider that LaVar Ball might have been onto something when he married Tina, mother of Lonzo, LiAngela and LaMelo.

The reason I’ve come around to this thinking is because I can’t imagine that there’d be any way that a Black woman would let a man, even her husband, run roughshod over her boys’ lives the way this nigga has been doing since he came into the national spotlight.

And if you’ll recall it was Black woman that I predicted would be prohibited from the Ball boys.

When a nigga’s into white women and has sons, he damn sure don’t want them sons to fuck around with the kind of women he hates.

But maybe it will be, also like a predicted, a Black woman to the rescue in the form of the type of rebellion I suggested might/has to eventually come for one of the sons in the declaration of their own independence?


Dig, the oldest, Lonzo, is still a Laker; talked into being, if we’re to believe, by his Cali-bound father’s desire not only to put all his boys through UCLA, but have his oldest play in their home state.

The youngest, LaMelo, has been pulled out of high school by Dad LaVar.

And now the middle boy, LiAngelo, the one that got accused of stealing in China and er, “helped out” by Trump with a good word to President Xi, has just been snatched from UCLA by dad.

Dad says now that he’s got other plans for said middle boy.

We’re – and he’s probably – thinking that he’s either gonna slam-transfer the boy into some other relatively competitive school, or gangster drill him into perceived NBA-caliber shape.

The problem with that theory is that LiAngelo ain’t that nice.

Fuck scouts and other paid hacks that deliver political basketball opinions set to cause more questions than they answer, check any message board on the topic where muhfuccas ain’t got nothing better to do than hate (and be honest) if you want the truth.

So at 6’5″, without the handles of his older brother Lonzo or the “J” of his younger brother LaMelo, LiAngelo’s gonna try to Jeff Malone his way into the NBA using slow body moves and push shots in the lane as some sort of Adrian Dantley-styled undersized small forward?


And again I go with Black women here.

As more than 1/2 of you niggas moms, y’all let them get a bad name.

A Black bitch woulda at least been like, “LaVar, you know Angelo ain’t got no game like his other two brothers. Let that nigga stay where he is.”

Or she would have even, at this rate, told her middle boy to openly defy his father.

He’s of age.

And I’m not writing all this to suggest that Black women are in any way better than white women or that white women are indeed the pushovers they’re advertised as which is why Black men yank them off the shelves like rice, but how easy is it to picture Tina acquiescing to all of LaVar’s bombastic bullshit because, after all, he is a Black man and he knows what Black men go through in America?

Meanwhile, his oldest boy is struggling on the Lakers, who knows what’s happening to the youngest and the middle one is a sneak thief without a school.

LaVar might have pushed his luck.

This is the guy, remember, that would have beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one.

And this is what Jordan’s family looked like:


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