How Could Abel Cedeno NOT be Guilty?

“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.”

–James Baldwin

This is, as my workout OG would say, “Some nigger shit.”

But as opposed to being a derisive knock on the apparent inherent backwardness of said Negroes, in this case – legal case, that is – this is some shit you could only expect would happen to niggers.

If you don’t know the case, and I’ve written about it before, an 18 year-old Latino man named Abel Cedeno was in high school and claimed – the operative word – to have been “constantly” bullied by two 15 year-old Black boys, one named Matthew McCree and one named Ariane Laboy.

Mr. Cedeno said that he “snapped” as a result of this bullying, causing him to knife both boys, killing young Mr. McCree while merely hospitalizing young Mr. Laboy.

Of note is this little gem from the New York Daily News:

As cops escorted him out of the 48th Precinct Wednesday night, he mouthed “yes” when reporters asked if he had been bullied.

Nice way to plant an idea for self-defense in the head of a potential psychopath, fellahs.

Now predictably, whenever a Negro is killed by a non-Negro, we see a bum’s rush of empathetic feeling for the killer.

George Zimmerman had something akin to fans, Darren Wilson, the cop that killed Mike Brown, got over a million dollars in “support funds” and, of course, there are those rushing to defend Abel Cedeno, not only because claimed bullying was the motivation for his murdering, but also because he claims to be bisexual.

Amazingly, disgustingly, shockingly or however you want to look at it, Ruben Diaz Sr., a New York State Senator, joined in contributing to anteing up the $500K bail necessary to spring Cedeno.

But even this might not be as odious as it seems on the surface were it not for the fact that Diaz went on to say, “I’m not saying that Cedeno is innocent or that he’s guilty. I just want him to get the opportunity to defend himself in the best way possible.”

This makes you wonder how the fuck could he be innocent?

He says he did it.

There’s young Mr. Laboy, who was stabbed, that knows he did it too.

There were also a room full of witnesses.

What could he be innocent of?

Now, of course, they’re gonna try to spin things to justify this murder and make it seem as if even alleged bullying – still waiting to see some pictures of all the bruises Mr. Cedeno suffered from all the bullying he claimed to have endured – is indeed a justification to buy a knife online and then wait to use in a classroom against a fellow student.

Odds are, they will.

I mean, it’s not like Cedeno killed a boy that looked like this:

Really tho; if “bullying” were justification for murder, then Black Americans would be within their rights to blow up every police station across the country.

But unlike Latinos who’ve seemingly rallied around Cedeno, niggas have never been known to support one another, particularly one that’s been accused of anything.

Look at how quickly we all dumped Cosby.

And the bisexual claim might just be the icing on the cake.

I mean, luckily, we’re all well past the era of believing that all homosexuals are murdering lunatics of the Laura school of sociopathology.

But as we’ve leapt into this acceptance of “diversity”, is it likely we’ve ignored the possibility that some still might be?



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