Expect Trump to Protect Net Neutrality Like He’s Protected Us from Mass Shootings

Some female writer, and God it pains me not to be able to give direct attribution because I hate when that shit is done to me, wrote (and I’m paraphrasing) that it amazed her that so much of America would elect on a populist platform a man that lived in a gold building with his name on it.

She wrote for the Village Voice, I think.

Anyway, the point she was making and that has been made thus far, a full 11 months into the most incredible (look up all the meanings) Presidency of my lifetime, is that this has been the most demonstratively pro-money man to ever take the Oval Office.

Shit, he extends Mitt Romney’s claim that “corporations are people” almost to the point where you’d expect him to suggest that you can even fuck them.

And on that point, well… maybe I should move on.

Again anyway, the most amazing thing about net neutrality or the right for information to be free and unobstructed with equal access for all on the internet, isn’t that it has so recently existed, but that it ever existed.

You can’t be over 18 years old in America and believe in a free press.

You can’t be over 13 and believe in freedom of speech.

You can’t be over 5 and believe anything you see on television or hear on the radio.

As a matter of fact, if you can read at all, you have to know better.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai argues that removing net neutrality will create jobs but all that those in the know see is the increased potential for hidden internet usage charges.

And since the fact that monetizing internet restrictions were ever relaxed is a marvel, seeing them poised to return is like the opposite of all of a sudden hearing that everyday tap water is the healthiest stuff on earth after years of buying bottled water from the store.

And don’t think Donald Trump is gonna save us.

Shit, probably nobody will benefit more from what’s being termed “light-touch regulatory framework” than a man whose heavy touch on everything can be felt perpetually.

Forget Orwellian, these are straight up Hunger Games times.

With fewer free news sources and routing at the discretion of certain companies, our government will soon be able to tell us that District 13 or New York City or Chicago or Atlanta has been wiped off the map and we’ll believe them because, as we’re seeing with Trump now and the fact that he’s positioned himself as the arbiter of all real news – anything else being “fake” news – we’ll have no choice to believe it because it’ll cost money (and time) to find out the truth.

And what perfect timing too, what with print media being more or less and dead and the only conceivable underground being required to also circulate through the net which would, of course, put it in the perfect position to be banned, prohibited or shut down.

And the funniest thing – or worse thing; depending on your vantage point – is that when we’re watching or reading about slave-making, oppressive, totalitarian states like, say, from an Orwell or a Suzanne Collins, we always shake our heads and “tsk tsk” the people of those states wondering how and why they take it, wondering why they don’t just rebel or start a revolution.

Yet here we are, ourselves…

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